D’Juntos Coffee and Kitchen

D'Juntos Coffee and Kitchen
Unique design of D’Juntos Coffee and Kitchen. (Photo: D’Djuntos & Kartika)

Outstanding menu, unique design

IO – Restaurants with unique designs often become everybody’s choice. Among these today is D’Juntos Coffee and Kitchen, located in the strategic area of Grand Depok City. This restaurant started operating on July 25, 2020. 

D’Juntos was founded as a community that aims to improve the people’s economy. Director of D’Juntos Idian Amani said community members built PT Dafa Dini Madani, purchasing a plot of land in the GDC area. 

“We want to make something out of the people’s economy, by providing jobs. For that reason, we are building the coffee and kitchen,” said Idian. 

D’Juntos is a restaurant with joint ownership by members of the community. Initially, there were 146 shareholders, but currently, there are just 143. The given name, D’Juntos, is taken from the Italian language, and means “togetherness”. 

The 400-square-meter restaurant has an outstanding unique design, as can be seen from the two entrances a bright yellow VW Frog perched near the entrance. 

To enter the restaurant you have to go down a wooden hallway. There are also vintage car ornaments attached to the outdoor wall. 

The first floor is full of vintage automotive ornaments, including a trishaw that can be used to go around the restaurant, and a hanging red Vespa. 

Idian said they wanted to make something unique and classic. The bricked wall is combined with dominating galls, so the restaurant looks open and natural. 

The target market is families in the upper-middle-class market segment. However, according to Idian, they do not attempt to limit patronage to the Millennial generation. Therefore, the design has a classic and casual feel. “So our concept is casual dining, relaxed and informal,” he explained further. 

D’Juntos has an indoor capacity of around 100 seats on the first floor, but during the pandemic, it accommodates just 50 visitors with tables spaced apart; on the second floor the capacity is 70 seats, but during the pandemic, it is only for 40 visitors. There is a meeting room and hall on the second floor of the restaurant. As for the outdoor section, the capacity is 30 visitors. 

It has many items on the menu, both typical Indonesian menus from various regions to western-style menus. The menus served have just been processed based on orders from restaurant visitors, so they are fresh. 

Chef Syahfitri Syah Alam creates superior menus including the Grill Baby Chicken menu, Iga Bakar Coriander, and Soup Oxtail. The Grill Baby Chicken menu is served with mixed vegetables, a choice of French Fries or Potato Wedges, as well as a choice of Barbeque, Mushroom, and Black pepper sauces. 

Other dishes on the menu are Mie Aceh ala D’Juntos, Galangal Fried Chicken, Tilapia Fish Cobek, Nasi Pecel, Basmati Kebuli Kambing, Mixed Meatballs, Urat Meatballs, Meatballs, Tongseng Kambing, Chicken Tongseng, Goat Fried Rice, and Kampoeng Fried Rice. 

For D’Grill menus, there are Grilled Sausages, Cryspies Chicken Steak, Striploin Steak (Aus), and Sliced Striploin Stir Fry. For the starter menu, there is a D’Juntos Fresh Salad, which is a combination salad with balsamic dressing and sesame mayo. 

For the D’Snack menu, there are Fish n’ Chips, which is a combination of dory fish with tartar sauce. Other D’Snacks Assorted Mentai Dimsum, Pempek Palembang, Samosa Beef, Samosa Chicken, Chicken Lumpia, DJ Fries with Cheese and Ice Cream (only choice of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate). “For the snack menu, the most sought after is Tempe Mendoan,” said Pipit. 

For the Dessert menu, there are Donateen Coffee Cream, Colenak, Churoos Salsa Marron, Chocolate Sundae, and Pancakes with Ice Cream. “For friends who drink coffee, many visitors also order Banana Fritter, which is fried banana with the aroma of blueberry milk,” explained Pipit. 

The featured drink menu is D’Juntos Signature Coffee, namely Ice Coffee in D’Juntos or Es Kopi Susu. Another signature coffee menu is Ice Coffee Brew Sugar Pandan. Then for the single-origin archipelago coffee menu, the presentation is V60, Vietnam Drip, French Press, Tubruk, and Japanese. 

Other coffee menus are Americano, Espresso Single Shot, Espresso Double Shot, Caffe Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Mocha Latte, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, Cappuccino, and Orange. “Our coffee is different from others. Our baristas blend it like a bartender, creating a combination with a certain ratio,” said Pipit. 

Idian added experienced and classy barista to serve at D’Juntos, and provides top bean choices for espresso and single origin. “Our coffee is Arabica and Robusta from several regions, mostly from Sumatra such as Aceh,” he said. 

Generally, many visitors come on Saturday and Sunday. Most of those who drop by during the weekend are families, communities, and offices holding events. “They can use a fairly exclusive meeting room, or there is an area such as a hall at the top, which can be used for weddings, birthdays, and proposals,” explained Idian. 

Idian said D’Juntos also has plans to increase takeaway sales. Meanwhile, to open a new branch said Idian, it will be done if they already secure land and buildings. Currently, D’Juntos is open from 09.00 to 21.00 WIB. (Kartika Indah)