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Dissatisfied with legislative election results, PDIP goes to constitutional court


IO, Jakarta – Despite receiving the most votes this election, PDIP is the most dissatisfied party in support of the serial number 01 candidate with the election results.

This dissatisfaction is measured by the number provinces that have had their election results brought to the constitutional court (MK). According to data from a Request for Dispute over Election Results (PHPU) in the constitutional court, PDIP took issue with election results in 20 provinces.

After PDIP, the second party to take most issue with the legislative results were the National Democratic Party (Nasdem) with 16 provinces, followed by the Party of Functional Groups (Golkar) with 15, National Awakening Party (PKB) with 14, People’s Conscious Party (Hanura) with 13, United Development Party (PPP) with 11, and Indonesia Unity Party (Perindo) and Crescent Star Party (PBB) with 10 each.

The Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI) and Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI) were more receiving of the election results with each party only taking issue with the legislative elections in three provinces, PSI in West Java, North Sulawesi, and Papua and PKPI in North Sumatra, North Maluku, and Papua.

PDIP’s dissatisfaction however paled in comparison with the Working Party’s (Partai Berkarya). The Tommy Soeharto led party was dissatisfied with results from all across Indonesia, taking election results from 34 provinces to court.

“Other than the Working Party, four other parties supporting the serial number 02 candidate also brought the election results to the constitutional court. Surprisingly, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s party seemed to be more dissatisfied with the election results compared to Prabowo Subianto’s,” said People’s Synergy for Indonesian Democracy (Sigma) Director Said Salahudin.

The Democratic Party (Partai Demokrat) brought election results from 23 provinces to court compared to Gerindra which only had issues with election results in 21 provinces. This was followed by the National Mandate Party (PAN) with 15 provinces, and candidate serial number 02’s coalition member the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) with the least issues at 12 provinces.

“If the dissatisfaction of the political parties towards the legislative election results is connected to the dissatisfaction with the presidential election results, an interesting fact appears; parties supporting Joko Widodo – Ma’ruf Amin take more issue with the general election results compared to supporters or Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno,” said Said, who is also on the Central Expert Board for the General Election Legal Consultation Team. (Puskum Pemilu)

This is despite the fact that dissatisfaction of the general election results is more often vocalized by supporters of candidate serial number 02. Parties supporting serial candidate number 02 have until now rejected the notion that there have been election violations or election fraud.

However, those who point to the fact that the level of fraud in the legislative election and presidential election are incomparable may be correct. It will now be up to the constitutional court to decide. (dsy)


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