Dismal rating for VP Ma’ruf Amin

Vice President Ma’ruf Amin. (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO – An Indonesia Political Opinion survey shows that public satisfaction of Vice President Ma’ruf Amin is lower than that of President Joko Widodo, at 36% and 56%, respectively.

Vice President Spokesman Masduki Baidlowi sees nothing to worry about from the survey results. “It’s actually going to be awkward if the survey shows that our Vice President is more popular than Mr. Jokowi. It’s common for deputies to be less famous than chiefs. After all, they are spare tires; you don’t use them unless the tire goes flat,” he said, during a press conference on Monday (12/04/2021). “Therefore, there is no need for us to get too serious with these surveys that are made with certain agendas, to generate certain images by their instigators. Again, I think this is a natural position for the VP to be in.”

Masduki went on to say that the Vice President does not mind these survey results and continues to do his daily work. “As his Spokesman, I can assure you that we do not mind such survey results. The VP continues his work comfortably every day,” he said. “Besides, from the first day in office until now, the Vice President has always demonstrated serious performance that expresses his sincere help to assist the President in his work.”

Masduki went on to enumerate the things the Vice President have been doing to assist the President: “Vice President Maruf Amin takes over the launching of infrastructure, as well as vaccination inspections. For example, the Vice President paid a visit to Central Kalimantan to inaugurate the new airport in Muara Teweh, while the President inaugurates the one in Maluku. Before that, the Vice President went to Lampung to inspect a big dam there, while the President nspects infrastructure in East Java. The President and the Vice President share their duties,” he said.

Masduki then confirms that Ma’ruf Amin always does his best in discharging his duties as the President’s assistant, “That is, once again, within his capacity as a spare tire. It’s simply impossible for anyone to have two leaders,” he said. “The styles of each Vice President differ from each other. Mr. Ma’ruf has so far diligently performed the steps and coordination that the President ordered him to do, and this is not something much known by the public. He has been working consistently and contentedly, and alhamdulillah, praised be Allah, he has become healthier and slimmer now. Hopefully, as this COVID pandemic ends, our Vice President can continue to improve his performance, from the current level of say 60%-70%, to 80%-90%.” (des)