Digital transformation is a key of service effectiveness

Illustration of digital transformation. (Source: Techbullion)

This is in line with the view of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison independent commissioner and CEO of Netflix Indonesia Rudiantara. He said digital is just a tool, what is more important is self-transformation. “We have to have a mindset, change or die. Everything must start from the mindset to grow, to transform.”

Rudiantara gave an example of how Indosat, as a telecommunications provider, seeks to help others transform. “There are companies outside Java that need communication, internet, applications and so on, so we come to help them because we have the tools,” he said.

In addition to tools, providing training and training sessions on digital transformation to employees is equally important. This way, the company will be able to develop HR with required expertise. In addition, the company must also place the right people in the right place according to their field of expertise. Thus, HR can provide the best potential for the company to enable it to respond to business challenges to deliver more effective and efficient services and products while accelerating the its digital transformation process. (ydh)