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Digital transformation is a key of service effectiveness


Jakarta, IO – In the digital era, the transformation of service delivery is very obvious. Various companies are vying to adapt to these technological developments, Netflix is no exception. The richest media company in the world was originally known as one of the content creators. However, along with the technological advancement, it began to make a shift by creating original content that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Through digital transformation, Netflix provides advanced entertainment service with easy access to more than its 220 million customers so they can enjoy watching movies via smartphones, tablets or laptops. This business strategy is claimed to have increased Netflix’s revenue upwards of 30-fold.

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The implementation of digital transformation ultimately brings many benefits, both internally and externally. The external advantage is that company can provide more effective and efficient services, which will lead to customer satisfaction. Internally, it will enhance the team, corporate culture, and employee productivity.

Digital transformation cannot run well if the human resources competencies are not improved. Digitization requires a high degree of adaptability and responsiveness. Due to the complexity of society, skills development process becomes a challenge for the development of Indonesian human capital in general.


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