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Digital health services for ODHIV


Jakarta, IO – Digitization in the health sector makes it easier for people to access quality health services. People with HIV (ODHIV) need lifelong antiretroviral therapy (ARV), but they are also vulnerable to contracting infections if they visit the hospital frequently. To ensure that ODHIVs continues to seek treatment during a pandemic and reduce the number of visits to health facilities, USAID EpiC Indonesia, in collaboration with Jakarta Health Agency, has launched Jak-Anter program since April 2020. 

“We ensure that this ARV delivery service can be developed collaboratively so that it meets the needs of ODHIVs living in Jakarta. Jak-Anter is an initiative conceived during the pandemic so ODHIVs can continue to receive treatment. Order can be made through digital platforms and will start soon with 12 services. Hopefully, in the future, more HIV services can be provided in digital form with confidentiality maintained so that treatment and prevention efforts can be carried out optimally,” said drg. Ani Ruspitawati, MM, acting head of Jakarta Health Agency. 

Jak-Anter is a delivery service to supply ARV drugs to ODHIVs who cannot visit health facilities. This service is also one of the ways to achieve the success of “95-95-95” HIV/AIDS elimination program by 2030, which means that 95% of ODHIV know their HIV status, 95% who know their status can receive ARV, and 95% who receive ARV can suppress the virus hence reducing the likelihood that the virus is transmitted to others. 

USAID Indonesia Health Office director Enilda Marti hopes JakAnter can expand and advance best-practice in HIV services so patients can immediately receive life-saving treatment from the comfort of their home. USAID EpiC Indonesia project director Erlian Aditya said this program is improved by combining the existing ARV drug delivery services and Good Doctor application. “This convenience and comfort is offered in the hope that ODHIVs will not stop taking treatment for whatever reason. The security and confidentiality of their data are also guaranteed,” said Erlian. 

Meanwhile, PT Good Doctor Technology Indonesia medical chief dr. Adhiatma Gunawan said telemedicine can improve the availability and quality of services for HIV prevention and treatment so that all clients can be served quickly, safely and comfortably. “This collaboration also shows that as a business we have carried out our responsibility to help eliminate AIDS from Indonesia. Without equality in providing quality HIV/ AIDS treatment services for all, the target to eradicate AIDS by 2030 will be difficult to achieve.” 

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Through the signing of this agreement, ODHIVs in Jakarta can conduct tele-consultation and receive their medicine at home. The collaboration will involve 11 community health centers (Puskesmas) and one private clinic appointed by Jakarta Health Agency. The appointed doctors will be verified by Good Doctor before they can attend the training to improve their ability to conduct tele-consultation. Thus, the quality of the tele-consultation services provided can meet the highest medical standards from the beginning. 

Clients who are already registered at one of the community health centers or private clinics that partake in this collaboration can choose a paid or free option if they wish to do tele-consultation. It should be noted that their choice does not affect the quality of services provided. All clients will receive the same quality of health services. The only difference is in time flexibility. After tele-consultation, the doctor will prescribe ARV drugs according to the client’s needs and the drugs will be delivered directly to the client’s home. If the client requires further examination, the doctor will refer the client to a physical health facility. (est)


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