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Difki Khalif’s new single is released!


Jakarta, IO – Vocalist and songwriter Difki Khalif released his new single “Denah Rumahmu” in May 2023. Difki’s strong and unique vocal character has certified Difki’s presence in the Indonesian music industry. 

“This song, which I wrote myself, tells about a person’s words to his lover. That his lover is the person who understands him best. The lover is described as a house. I am home for my partner,” explained Difki. 

Difki shared the meaning and analogy of each room in the house. “The living room symbolizes the early encounter of mixed feelings with our partner. Then the family room symbolizes deeper exploration, habits, and life histories as a couple.

The dining room represents the things that the couple likes and dislikes. The study room focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the couple. The refrain section is the bedroom, which tells personal things about our partner, the deepest feelings of our partner,” said Difki. 

Difki wishes to take his listeners on a “house tour” in his mind. Each room has its own story to tell. Each room begins with Difki’s analogy about the person he truly loves. The song-composing creative process for this new single did not take a long time, demanding that Difki make the best decision possible. “The tone and lyrics of this song were quite rushing against the time,” stated Difki, who was born in 1994. 

Difki admitted to having stepped out of his comfort zone. “I’m trying to break my writing habit. The single’s lyric has more simple words without a touch of literary flair, although it still bears a deep meaning. 

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“The chorus is my favorite part,” he said. “If you miss me, put my picture in your bedroom,” sang Difki. Difki remarked on the bedroom, which represents a longing for someone dear to his heart. “Even if it sounds cliche, we hope everyone enjoys it and understands the meaning of this song based on their own perspective,” hoped Difki. 

“There are many songs about houses, but the idea for this home-story song dates back to 2016, so the script is quite old. This house song is unique, as it explains each of the spaces and their memories. “Hopefully, my listeners will appreciate the uniqueness of this song, its point of view, and its meaning,” Difki said. (des/ast)


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