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Dhyani Prima – Fashionista and fighter for women and children’s rights


Jakarta, IO – Beautiful, tough, caring: modest fashion designer and entrepreneur Dhyani Prima does not become complacent. She cherishes a dream which she wants to bring into reality, and she is not afraid to enter politics to make it happen. 

For the upcoming 2024 Elections, Dhyani is offering herself as a legislative candidate from the Democrat Party. “I notice that there so few women participating in Indonesia’s Parliament. This low level of female representation means that there is insufficient focus on creating policies that relate to women and children. I want to be one of those female parliamentary representatives who can generate substantial political decisions, ones that accommodate the needs of women and children,” she declared. 

Articles 8 and 53 of Law No. 10 of 2008 mandate the inclusion of women in politics: political parties may only participate in elections if they have at least 30% female representation in their internal central management, and their list of legislative candidates must also contain at least 30% female representation at both Central and Regional People’s Representative Council DPR (at Provincial, Regency, and Township levels).

Even though this is stipulated by law, actual female representation in Indonesian parliament is much lower than 30%. “This won’t do. We need to increase female participation to ensure more substantial political decisions are made, to cover the needs of the more vulnerable members of society. Strengthening pro-women and pro-children laws in public realms will only strengthen our democracy,” Dhyani declared. 

As a future legislative candidate from the Democrat Party, Dhyani’s vision is to ensure fairness and prosperity in the Jakarta region. She envisions the city as a faithful, healthy, intelligent, progressive place that sustainably preserves the environment.

Her missions are, first: to see, hear, and fight for the people’s aspirations in education, health, social empowerment of the common citizen, protection of the rights of women and children, and the guidance of younger generation; second: to improve the quality and competence of local HR, to empower them based on iman and taqwa (faith and conviction), principles that support her duties and functions as a representative of the people; third: to improve the quality of PR and citizen data and information management and service; fourth: to improve the quality of her performance as a representative of the people, by regularly inspecting her area of jurisdiction; fifth: to develop proper professionalism and administrative management; and sixth: to improve the quality of Regional Representative Council structures and facilities, to ensure that they perform their duties and functions more smoothly. 


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