Desi Nugraheni creates pedal-operated padasan

Desi Nugraheni creates padasan during COVID-19. (Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Solo – A student of Architectural Engineering Program Faculty of Engineering (FT) Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta has invented a padasan (crock with a hole at the bottom to let water flow when the cover is removed) actuated with a pedal system, intended to minimize the spread of Covid-19 through droplets. The device was created by Desi Nugraheni, a 6th-semester student who is currently performing her Community Service Program (KKN) in batch 1 UNS Covid-19 handling KKN. For a month she devoted herself to dealing with Covid-19 in Mojoagung Village, Karangrayung District, Grobogan, Central Java. 

Desi stated that the idea to create the padasan or handwashing device started from Village Town course assignments. “That was when I got the idea to create a padasan that would avoid any touch on its levers, so that the transfer of a virus can be minimized. I started to fiddle with the design in Sketchup, then my lecturer suggested that it be realized in KKN program. I also see that in my neighbourhood there is no washing place with a touchless system; I think it would be interesting if it could be crafted,” she explained, as quoted by, Monday (6/21/2020). 

The padasan was produced through a process similar to that used to produce wooden furniture. Desi utilized used wood material at home, then added a small bucket for water disposal, a hose, a used bucket of paint along with a tap that is easily pressed. She then set it up according to the design she prepared. To connect the pressure stick to the wooden table, a hole is punched in the pressure rod, then held with nails so that it can go up and down when pedalled. 

“I utilized several materials at home. In the production, I got help from a carpenter to cut the wood. To produce a padasan, it costs approximately IDR 57,000,” Desi explained. 

The padasan works by stepping on the pedal placed under the crock, which then allows water to flow without any touching of the tap. In the socialization process, Desi will upload the photos and videos of the padasan through her Instagram account. Currently, the tool is installed at the village hall, and intended to be used by the villagers. (*/est)