Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives: e-Parliament upgrades House accountability & productivity

Deputy Speaker of the RI House of Representatives, Azis Syamsuddin. (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO – Deputy Speaker of the House (“DPR RI”), Azis Syamsuddin speaks on the importance of e-Parliament for DPR. “The program helps the DPR as Indonesia’s parliament to become more modern, accountable, and productive during the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. 

Azis further stated that e-Parliament improves DPR’s productivity by better organizing meeting and hearing agendas that adjust to the need for physical distancing. It optimizes the use of information technology to distribute and disseminate information, including for direct broadcast on DPR’s official webpage during the pandemic. 

With e-Parliament, overlaps of DPR’s many meetings and hearings’ agendas will be eliminated, and broadcast of the results in the DPR webpage will be more accurate and organized. DPR RI is gradually digitizing all the materials in existing and future meetings and hearings so that members of the DPR, the Governments, other work partners and the common people can access necessary information relating to the legislature, more easily and openly. “We are digitizing. We are reducing the use of paperwork, which is more economic, more environmentally friendly, and brings the people closer to their representatives, as the information is more accurate and open,” Azis said. 

Azis reiterates that e-Parliament allows all stakeholders to access pertinent information concerning how the DPR RI is discussing and working, and it also allows stakeholders to provide input in real time. “Everyone will be more responsible, and everything will be more accountable. e-Parliament also educates everyone about the importance of using technology according to the demands of the time, to improve our performance and productivity,” he said. (Dan)