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Densus 88 searches the house of Bandung bomb suspect


Jakarta, IO – Densus 88 anti-terror squad on Monday (12/12) at around 10 a.m. WIB, searched the house of a person suspected of being involved in the suicide bomb attack at Astana Anyar police station in Bandung, reported CNN Indonesia.

Lengkong Police chief Adjunct Commissioner Imam Zarkasih confirmed the raid, but refused to comment further as the investigation in underway.

Meanwhile, Agus Suherman, the neighbourhood chief of RW 5, Malabar sub-district, said police officers searched the house for about two hours. According to him, the house belongs to the mother of a resident named Dian Yudi (37).

Agus said police officers came out of Dian’s carrying several boxes, books, and letters. “The house is dwelled by Dian’s mother. Dian was not in there, otherwise he would be arrested,” he said.

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Agus said Dian has not been seen for the last few days. He speculates that Dian has probably left the area after the bombing incident. Dian is known to work as a parking attendant at a minimarket on Ramdan St., Bandung city. He is married but without children.

“He seems like a good person, very sociable. But we don’t know what’s behind the facade,” said Agus. (un)


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