Democratic Party aims barb at “Wong Cilik” party

Kamhar Lakumani
Democratic Party election division deputy chairman Kamhar Lakumani. (Source: nstagram/@kamharlakumani)

Jakarta, IO – Democratic Party election division deputy chairman Kamhar Lakumani took a swipe at a “political party claiming to represent “wong cilik” [ordinary people],” a veiled reference to PDI-P. He considered that the claim to be contrary to the reality on the ground.

“A brief comparison between the pro-people Democratic Party and Hasto’s party, which is said to be the party of wong cilik that now has the mandate to run the government,” Kamhar told Sindonews, Friday (24/6).

He said Democratic Party cadres on the grassroot found that many people are experiencing difficulties due to the surging prices of basic necessities. This, according to him, showed that the ruling party is indifferent to people’s suffering.

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“From the aspirations we gathered and facts on the ground, many people are complaining about various problems and difficulties they face,” he said. “They say it’s the party of wong cilik, but in reality, people are stifled [by rising prices],” concluded Kamhar. (un)