Democrat Party’s “Extraordinary Congress”

Head of Democrat Party Central Leadership Council’s Strategic Communication Committee, Herzaky Mahendra Putra. (Photo: DEMOCRAT)

IO – Max Sopacua, one of the founding members of the Democrat Party (PD), plans to organize an Extraordinary Congress of the Party. He claims to be “upset” at having been connected to allegations of mutiny within the Democrat Par ty, as recently expressed by Party General Chairman Agus Harimur ti Yudhoyono (“AHY”). Max further stated that he will be holding an Extraordinary Congress with other founders of the Party, as he feels a sense of responsibility as a founding member to improve the Party.

“So before, I was cast out along with other founding members, when AHY became General Chair man. I then entered the Prosperous Community Era (Era Masyarakat Sejahtera – “Emas”) Party. Well, now we see bad indications and we need to get the Party back on track, to get back together. Nobody can cast me away from the Democrat Party. Who can actually kick me out of the Democrat Party, who? I’m the Declarator,” he said.

In response, the Democrat Party officially rebutted him, by stating that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (“SBY”) is the primary reason the Democrat Party was established in the first place. “The Democrat Party is a figure-based Party. In the post-reform dynamics of national politics, the Party was specifically established as a vehicle to carry SBY into the presidency. In other words, SBY is the very reason the Democrat Party was established in the first place. Without SBY, the Democrat Party would not exist” said Head of Democrat Party Central Leadership Council’s Strategic Communication Committee, Herzaky Mahendra Putra, on Tuesday (23/02/2021).

Herzaky went on to say that persons who have a sense of “owning” the Democrat Party and having the “right” to “fix” it to be mentally flawed. “Nowadays, some people who were invited merely to satisfy the administrative requirement for establishing a political party suddenly feel that the Democrat Party exists because of them, became big because of them. These people are not only mentally flawed because of their anachronistic view of history, but they also have an ego much bigger than themselves,” he said. “The Democrat Party is becoming more popular again under the leadership of AHY. But now some people are trying to forcefully take over leadership from him.”

Herzaky expressed his wonder that these people actually feel that they are able to “save” the Democrat Party. “Those who now act as if they were trying to “save the Party” need to ask themselves: “Was the Democrat Party able to become a big party like now if only they do the fighting?” “Can they save the Party from its current electability crisis? They might fool some of the more innocent cadres, but not history. In 2014, it was SBY who resolved the Party’s crisis, not them,” he said. “In the 2014 Elections, the Party’s electability was only 3% because of the cadres’ own actions without SBY. Then SBY intervened, and the Democrat Party earned 10% of votes. That’s a bit down from before, but not by much, and was in fact partially because SBY can no longer run for President for a third time. Therefore, it was not SBY who caused the Party’s electability crisis. On the contrary, he saved the Party from its crisis.”

Meanwhile, former Democrat Party cadre Ferdinand Hutahaean states that Democrat Party General Chairman Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono need not be extravagant in his response towards the rumor of an Extraordinary Congress. AHY’s excessive response that even brought in President Jokowi into the matter shows that the Democrat Party is not solid. “Extraordinary Congresses are common and part of Party’s dynamics. They are legally allowed, as regulated in the Party’s Articles and Memorandum of Association,” he said. Ferdinand went on to say that the Democrat Party’s excessive reaction of dismissing cadres who called out for an Extraordinary Congress will affect the Party’s popularity in the upcoming 2024 Elections. “Naturally it will have some impact. All cadres who are dismissed and/or left out certainly have their own supporters and followers, and they will not stand still,” he said. “However, I believe that SBY will be able to handle this internal issue. He is a great, dignified figure in the Party after all.” (des)