Democrat Party’s Declarator Forum exposes SBY’s “sins”

Members of Democrat Party’s Founder and Declarator Communications Forum (Forum Komunikasi Pendiri dan Deklarator – “FKPD”) consider SBY to have failed as General Chairman. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (“SBY”)’s decision to leave the Fair and Prosperous Coalition and approach the Incumbent’s coalition at the end of the 2019 Elections brought down criticism from many sides. SBY is now again under threat of replacement. Members of Democrat Party’s Founder and Declarator Communications Forum (Forum Komunikasi Pendiri dan Deklarator – “FKPD”) consider SBY to have failed as  General Chairman. Naturally, the FKPD encourages Democrat Party’s Central Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat – “DPP”) to hold a Congress or Extra­ordinary Congress at the latest in this coming September 2019.

Hengky Luntungan, a founder and member of Democrat Party’s FKPD, stated that there are some valid reasons why his group wants to accelerate the holding of a Congress or Extraordinary Congress. These reasons are SBY’s “sins” against the Democrat Party. “Basically, SBY failed in the first tenure of his leadership: (Legislative) votes in his first term dropped from 20.40% to 10.19%, or a vote loss of 50.05%. In his second term, he failed again: votes for us dropped 7.77% or a loss of 61.91% of votes,” he said in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (02/07/2019).

Hengky also stated that SBY has created structural positions outside of the results of Congress, created a Presidential Convention for the 2014 Elections that he did not implement, and declared Democrat Party as a neutral party, which caused its Legislative Candidates to be attacked by the people.

Hengky further clarified that the Democrat Party was not established by SBY. Basically, SBY was an ordinary cadre who only joined the Party after it had been established for about two years. ” The Democrat Party was established on 10 September 2001. One thing for certain is that neither SBY’s name nor face appeared in the Founders’ Meetings of the Democrat Party. I am grateful that we still have documentary proof of a video recording that shows SBY requesting to become a cadre of the Democrat Party in 2003,” he said.

Violations of the Articles and Memorandum of Association

FKPD also considered that SBY mismanaged the Party. He is said to have violated the Articles and Memorandum of Association by turning the Democrat Party into a dynastic Party. FKPD Democrat Party declarator and officer Sahat Saragih described SBY’s many violations during his second term: SBY created structural offices that are outside of Congress and double positions; SBY has also created the Joint Task Force Command (Komando Satuan Tugas Bersama – “Kogasma”) organization in order to gain victory in Presidential and Legislative Elections, which ended up as a failed and useless enterprise (among others, this organization rounded up bad witnesses to monitor the elections in the voting booths); and finally, he forcibly pushed the name of his son Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (AHY) as a Candidate Governor for DKI even though the young man was not yet a Democrat Party member at the time. In the end, AHY had to give up his military career even though he was a Major in the Armed Forces at the time.

“SBY has managed the Party according to his personal or group’s interest. For example, the Regional Assembly/Branch Assembly system did not function properly under his leadership. The Party’s cadre recruitment system was stagnant. On the contrary, he recruited suspicious people who cause many quarrels in the community, earning the hatred of the people for the Democrat Party,” Sahat said.

SBY’s failure to submit AHY as a candidate in Presidential Elections has caused a brouhaha of wild support. This is because he only cares for his family’s interest by pushing AHY as the acclaimed General Chairman of the Party and/or as a Minister under Jokowi. Sahat further stated that the FKPD of the Democrat Party has consulted Democrat Party senior officials, such as Vence Rumangkang, Subur Budhisantoso, Umar Said, Max Rompas, Achmad Mubarok, Ricky Sofyan, Max Sopacua, Wayan Sugiana, and Achmad Thorix. They all agreed that it is time for SBY to retire from his position as the General Chairman. In exchange, FKPD suggested that SBY be submitted as sole candidate for the Party’s Guidance Council Chairman.

Responding to the demand made by the FKPD, Democrat Party Vice General Secretary Rachland Nashidik stated that the Party is delaying response as a mark of respect for the recent death of SBY’s wife Ani Yudhoyono. “Democrat Party is still in mourning. We are not interested in discussing politics while the soil of Ibu Ani’s grave is still moist,” he said. (Dan)