Defense Minister Prabowo: A solid Alutsista and competent personnel are the main capital to maintain sovereignty

Defense Minister Prabowo: A solid Alutsista and competent personnel are the main capital to maintain sovereignty
Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto symbolically handed over two warships of the AT-8 and AT-9 Tank Transport types, produced by the domestic defense industry PT Bandar Abadi, to KSAL Admiral TNI Yudo Margono at the Bandar Abadi’s Shipyard Batam, Tuesday (26/10/2021). (Photo: DOC. IDM)

IO – Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto encourages the autonomy of the domestic defense industry. At the same time, dependence on foreign
defense industries, especially in terms of warship procurement, should be

Recently, MoD Prabowo symbolically delivered two warships of the AT-8 and AT-9 tank transport types to the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Yudo Margono at PT Bandar Abadi Shipyard, Batam, Riau Islands, Tuesday (26/10/2021). Bandar Abadi is a national ship builder and drydocks that supports the national defense industry.

In his remarks, MoD Prabowo congratulated the Indonesian Navy (TNI AL) and crew members. He instructed those responsible that the warships should receive proper maintenance, because they are assets from the people.

Prabowo stated that he is proud of Indonesia’s defense industry, one that can execute the states’ trust to construct the two ships, ahead of an agreed deadline. “This proves that our defense industry is capable, independent, and dependable in performing its work,” he said.

The two tank transport ships, KRI Teluk Weda-526 and KRI Teluk Wondama-527, contribute to the minimum essential force (MEF) III target achievement until 2024. They are expected to fortify Indonesia’s defense and strengthen the autonomy of Indonesia’s defense industry. “The President has assigned me to design the Armed Forces’ (TNI) capacity building for the next few years. One of our objectives is to have a strong Navy,” he said.

Besides the two tankers, MoD Prabowo Subianto also handed over Bell 412 EP HA-5179 and HA-5185 helicopters during a working visit to Squadron 11/Assault Army Aviation Center (Puspenerbad) Semarang, Wednesday (27/10/2021).

He said that Indonesia should aim and prioritize military power, because a solid military force can be the state’s spearhead to maintain its sovereignty, one channel of which is through the Army Reserve Component (Matra Darat).

Indonesia’s Reserve Component plays a major role in the defense sector, said the Minister. They could share certain TNI work. For example, they secure Indonesia’s land bordering other countries, develop the intensity of Reserve Component and empower the defense area on the lands.”

Therefore, the Defense Minister underscored that empowerment of the Reserve Component is mandatory, either from the Alutsista (armaments and munitions) or human resources aspects.

“We have to make sure that TNI’s Alutsista uses advanced technology. It’s a consequence of the high dynamics amid the strategic environment development. Keep in mind that solid Alutsista and competent personnel are the main assets in maintaining the state’s sovereignty,” he said.

MoD Prabowo said that he is trying to satisfy the Alutsista needs and advised that Alutsista should be maintained optimally to improve TNI’s
operational readiness and achieve zero accidents.

“The Defense Ministry is seriously committed to support the maintenance of TNI’s defense equipment. This is manifested in the responsible spending of the defense budget for the procurement and maintenance of TNI’s Alutsista,” explained MoD Prabowo. Therefore, the equipment should be used effciently and adequately. (Ekawati)