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Declining birth rate, Indonesia could potentially experience “sex recession”


Jakarta, IO – The world is going through “sex recession.” In Asia, Japan and South Korea have seen birth rate declining because more and more people have chosen not the have sex, marry or have children, reported Kompas, Monday (12/12).

In 2021, only 193,000 South Korean couples decided to have children, Meanwhile, in Japan, the birth rate was 811,604, the lowest since records began in 1899. What about Indonesia? National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) head Hasto Wardoyo said Indonesia could also potentially experience a sex recession.

This can be seen from the increasing age of marriage in Indonesia. The trend shows that more and more couples are delaying getting marriage.

“Many people are marrying older because they opt to pursue their studies, careers and so on,” he said. This phenomenon, according to Hasto, is more pronounced in big cities. There is also trend for smaller families with less children.

“We have seen minus growth like in Central Java or zero growth in several regions in East Java,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Hasto noted that while Indonesia could potentially experience a sex recession, it may not happen possibly until 2045.


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