Death of Mahsa Amini sparks mass protests in Iran

Mahsa Amini
Mahsa Amini. (Source: twitter/mardiasih)

Jakarta, IO – An Iranian woman named Mahsa Amini died after she was arrested by morality police for not wearing hijab properly. Her death sparked outpouring of anger and large protests in the Islamic theocracy.

Public anger has mounted since the authorities announced the death of Mahsa Amini on Friday (16/9). She died in hospital three days after falling into a coma, after being held in police custody during a visit to Tehran, Tuesday (13/9), Merdeka reported on Tuesday (20/9).

Protesters took to the street in a number of cities in Iran, such as Mashhan and Tehran, including at several universities. Some chanted “Death to the Islamic Republic!” and other anti-government slogans. Some women protested by taking off their headscarves.