Darmawangsyah Muin: ready to care for the people of Gowa


Makassar – Great Indonesia Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Raya – “Gerindra”) Darmawangsyah Muin, more familiarly called “Wawan”, confirms that he is participating in the Regency Election for the regency seat of Gowa, South Sulawesi, in 2020. The Gowa native son is serious about leaving his seat at the Regional House of Representative of South Sulawesi (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah Sulawesi Selatan – “DPRD Sulsel”) as Deputy Speaker for this election.

Darmawangsyah Muin won the most votes in the South Sulawesi Provincial Legislative Election in 2019 at 39,834 votes. He put himself up for candidacy in three areas, including the Regencies of Gowa dan Takalar. His political career, which started in 2004, was a brilliant one. Darmawangsyah immediately obtained a seat in the Regency of Gowa’s Parliament for 5 years. Later, he was elected as a member of DPRD Sulsel in the 2014 Legislative Elections through Gerindra Party with 23,446 votes. He was also the General Chairman of Gerindra Gowa at the time. He is currently the Chairman of South Sulawesi Gerindra Party’s Organization, Cadre Recruitment and Training, and Membership.

The following is an excerpt of our interview with Ir. Darmawangsyah Muin M. Si. concerning his readiness for the candidacy for the regency of Gowa.

How ready are you to participate in the Regency of Gowa’s Regional Head Elections in 2020?

I leave it fully in the hands of the people. If the people of Gowa want me to go forward, naturally I will be ready. Alhamdulillah, our political vehicle is all ready. Other than Gerindra, two other parties have agreed to support me.

What are you offering as a Candidate Regent of Gowa?

I offer good social relations, optimum service, and complete reorganization of infrastructure, zoning, and farming, which used to have very small budget. I offer prime health service, the establishment of new schools, and more concern for religious activities and cultural preservation issues.

In terms of public service, how will you establish closeness with the people?

My candidacy is in order to serve, not be serve. The typical good leader would care for and protect his people. Ever since I enter the parliament, I open the door to the people, I listen to their complaints every morning. This direct service towards the people allows them to feel closer and unrestricted towards me.

What piques your interest in politics?

I see a lot of people being unrepresented, or not optimally served by their leaders. After having interacted with the people, I found many things to fight for, both from legislative and executive perspective.

Brief Personal Profile

Name                                    :       Ir. Darmawangsyah Muin, M.Si.

Birth date and place        :       Gowa, 27 December 1975

Current position               :       Deputy Speaker of the Regional House of Representative of the province of South Sulawesi

Formal Education

  • Lambenge Gowa Presidential Instruction Elementary School
  • Sungguminasa 1 National Middle School
  • Makassar 1 National Technical Vocational School
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Indonesia’s Technological Institute (Institut Teknologi Indonesia – “ITI”) in Serpong
  • Master’s Degree from Hasanuddin University (Administrative Management Study Program)

Organizational Experience

  • Chairman of South Sulawesi Gerindra Party’s Organization, Cadre Recruitment and Training, and Membership (Organisasi, Kaderisasi, dan Keanggotaan – “OKK”)
  • Chairman of the Drajat Martial Arts Family (Keluarga Olahraga Tarung Drajat – “Kodrat”) of South Sulawesi
  • General Chairman of the Independent National Agriculture Agency
  • General Chairman of Makassar 1 Technical Vocational School’s Alumni Association