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Dare yourself to join marathon race


IO – Interested in joining marathon race? Am sure you are aware that the marathon is increasingly popular these days, especially amongst adults. Every year prestigious international marathon events are held, with participants up to hundreds of people coming from different parts of the world. What is actually the proper age to join this kind of race?

Creating the awareness that sport is one of the keys to healthy living, allows people set physical activities as part of their lifestyle. Swimming, bike riding, jogging, to yoga and Pilates as an indoor gym. Fitness clubs are also developed rapidly in many cities.

Amongst one sport that attracts many people is running, because anyone can do it anytime. Not satisfied with the normal run, many people choose a marathon. The marathon is a long-distance run of 42,195 km. Of course, it takes a strong physical force to complete this weighty exercise.

Many mistakes have been made by rookie runners when following a race marathon run, be it on preparation, execution, or after the race. Though lack of knowledge and preparation for this race can cause harm to the body itself. Avoid using new shoes, new pants, new socks, to new bra during the marathon. Bring on the gears we used to wear during exercise. It will make the body more comfortable and avoid pain. And to avoid unwanted things, it’s best to start practising before the race. If necessary, hire a professional marathon coach service.

Actually, when is the best time to enter the marathon agenda in our list of activities? Find the answer from Marathon: You Can Do It! book by Jeff Galloway:

  1. Passionate about running activities. There’s no other way: if you’re going to run for a marathon, we’ve got to adapt with early running habits. Practising marathon is a joy, not a task.
  2. You’ve been on consistent regular exercise for at least one year. After reaching the age of 50 and starting the old-days healthy life, including running, Jeff was ready to face the marathon.
  3. Willing to spend some time at least six months of exercise, aimed to find a suitable training plan that fits our lifestyle and fitness level. We must be disciplined enough to comply with it to minimize the risk of self-injury. If we try to run as far as 26.2 kilometres, it has to be done with proper preparation.
  4. It’s best to spare a break to avoid injury. Never forget to arrange body rest schedule.

There has been a lot of discussions on the benefits of this sport, including 1) Weight loss, 2) Healthy heart. 3) Increase body endurance. 4) Good body coordination. 5) Stress removal. 6) Accelerating brain work. 7) Reduce the risk of diabetes. 8) Quality Sleep. 9) Delay Ageing Process. 10) Digestive health.


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