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Daily operational fee for soldiers assigned to Papua raised to Rp97,000


Jakarta, IO – The House Committee I held a limited meeting with representatives from the National Armed Forces (TNI) and the Defence Ministry (Kemhan) at the Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/7). One of the issues discussed in the meeting was the raise of daily operational fees for soldiers assigned to Papua.

The meeting agrees that daily operational fees for each soldier stationed in Papua be raised from Rp88,000 to Rp97,000.

The committee’s chairwoman Meutya Hafid explained that operations fees are separate from the basic salary and allowances received by Indonesian soldiers every month, per Republika, Thursday (11/7). 

“This is outside the 2025 Budget bill as it is a pressing necessity for the soldiers there,” Meutya said. “Cost of living in Papua is extremely high, as it is a conflict-ridden region. Added with the much higher risk level faced by our soldiers there, naturally we need to provide them with higher operational fees than those serving in other regions,” Meutya explained.

After the meeting, TNI commander Gen. Agus Subiyanto said the issues that occur in Papua are quite complex. The focus of the allocation is to resolve issues that occur in Papua, as it is national issue that needs to be discussed intensively.

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Agus went on to mention the fragility of security in Papua, as it is the headquarters of the armed separatist organization Free Papua Organization (OPM). “The presence of armed separatists complicates the poverty reduction efforts,” Agus said. (at)


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