Daewoong Pharmaceutical supports Indonesian bio-regeneration

(photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, JAKARTA – Daewoong Pharmaceutical, a pioneer in the Korean pharmaceutical business, displayed its vision at the Pullman Hotel, Jakarta on October 23, 2019. Daewoong Pharmaceutical is committed to being at the forefront in supporting the field of bio-regenerative medicine in Indonesia, such as providing the best treatment solutions for Indonesian doctors in the field of regenerative medicine and contributing to improve digital health services in the forms of sophisticated telemedicine systems, social services, and human resource development. Regenerative medicine is a technology that can accelerate the regeneration of damaged body parts by using various medications, materials, medical devices and others.

Sengho Jeon as CEO of Daewoong Pharmaceutical said that after today’s vision declaration, Daewoong will present the best medicines, infrastructure, and human resources to become the leading bio-renewal company in Indonesia. “We will do our best to be the first to improve the quality of life of the Indonesian people,” he said.

The vision declaration was also attended by Changbum Kim as Ambassador of Korea, Hari Wibowo as Head of the Bureau of International Cooperation, Dr. H. Subejo, S.H, M.Sc., as Temporary Head of Jakarta Province Fire and Rescue Service, and several VIP guests from Indonesia and Korea.

In 2012, Daewoong Pharmaceutical collaborated with PT Infion to establish Daewoong Infion, which then established the first bio-pharmaceutical factory in Indonesia in 2015, and sold an erythropoietin drug called ‘Epodion’ in 2017 which was able to reach the top market share in the Indonesian EPO market in the 6 months following the launch; the medicine has since received clearance from the Food and Drug Licensing Agency (BPOM).

Sengho added that Daewoong is currently performing many clinical trials for its biopharmaceutical products, such as treatment for refractory wounds, growth hormones, botulinum toxins and vaccines. It has plans to expand expansion into Moslem countries by obtaining “Halal” certification.

The company, which is in the top 5 in the Korean pharmaceutical sector, will also build a research and development center in Indonesia, and conduct bio-research and development for health technology that uses biopharmaceuticals and stem cells. In the field of regenerative medicine, Daewoong is collaborating with one of its affiliated companies, CGBio, to supply medical equipment for scar treatment, skin regeneration procedures, scoliosis repair and bone formation proteins. It has plans to make Indonesia the best center for stem cell medical technology in the world.

CGBio, a research company in the field of regenerative medicine, provides not only bio-regenerative medical devices such as ‘Novosis’ and ‘Lumfix’ in the form of bone formation proteins and scoliosis repair, but also provides aging prevention solutions in a variety of stem cell-based aesthetic fields. Both of these medical devices have licenses from the Ministry of Health.

To improve the quality of Indonesian public health, Daewoong introduced a health care system such as that found in Korea, through its affiliated groups. The system allows Daewoong to provide services that can streamline proactive health management and increase productivity and efficiency in developing the latest medicines, by using big data and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, Daewoong’s affiliated company, EZ Medicom will introduce a sophisticated hospital logistics system that makes it easy to track logistics from the manufacturer to the end-user.

To show Daewoong’s seriousness in providing the best for the people of Indonesia, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, together with Daewoong Foundation and CGBio, a Daewoong affiliated company, will host medical charity activities, as a form of collaboration between Daewoong and the Jakarta Fire Department involving collaboration of doctors from Indonesia to treat burns and spine injuries, on 24-25 October 2019. It is a form of Daewoong support to ensure Jakarta firefighters can do their job as best as they can.

This medical volunteer group has 40 members, including Dr. Lutfi Gatam from Premier Bintaro Hospital, Dr. Sandy from Yarsi Hospital, Professor Ahn Jae-sung from Chungnam National University Hospital, Director Chun Wook from Hallym Univ. Hangang Sacred Heart Hospital, and Professor Park Myong-Chul from Ajou University Hospital. At present, Daewoong continues to support research and academic activities for Indonesian medical doctors, and works closely with major universities to foster talent in the Indonesian health sector.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical plans to release a combination drug for people with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, namely ‘Oloduo’, the best class of hypertension drug and hyperlipidemic complex in 2020. ‘Gliabrain’ is the No. 1 sales product in the Korean pharmaceutical market for drugs with choline alfoscerate.