Dadi’s Coffee Garden, refresh your soul in a cozy Instagrammable cafe

Photo: Dadi’s Coffee Garden Doc.

IO – Dadi’s Coffee Garden becomes the right choice to let go of some steam during the COVID-19 pandemic, for those suffering burnout from spending more time at home, including work from home. We don’t need to travel out of town to enjoy a natural atmosphere. You can enjoy it in the cafe strategically located on Jalan Raya Siliwangi, Depok Lama, not far from Jalan Margonda Raya. 

Dadi’s Coffee Garden, like any garden concept cafe, enhances the garden area outside the industrial building; the chirping love birds inside the large white cage add relaxing vibes to the cafe. 

The atmosphere created is in line with Dadi’s Coffee Garden tagline, ‘a place where you are always welcome’. Thus, according to Marketing Communications Dadi’s Coffee Garden, Aulya Lydia Citra, people who come here to hang out as if they were at their home. Dadi’s Coffee Garden wants to provide a family atmosphere. “They can enjoy time with their families so that they can be refreshed,” said Citra. 

However, the activities at Dadi’s Coffee Garden still apply health protocols. Once inside, visitors will be screened to check the temperature. Dadi’s Coffee Garden also regularly disinfects. 

The owner of Dadi’s Coffee Garden, Fransisca Abdi Gumulya, an entrepreneur, built a cafe as a tribute to her late husband, so it was named Dadi’s Coffee Garden. The design is adapted to something that symbolizes the husband during his life, the birdcage in the middle of the cafe, a mural of a chicken, and others. “This place used to be our park with lots of pet birds,” said Citra. 

Instagrammable Spot. Consisting of two floors with indoor and outdoor space, Dadi’s Coffee is filled with a lot of Instagrammable spots. 

From the parking lot, a shady green atmosphere can be seen, as well as stairs leading up to the bar where you can order and pay for the food. In this section, other stairs leading to the indoor room on the second floor. Right in the middle of the cafe, stands a large Instagrammable aviary, where many visitors take selfies. 

Around the birdcage, there are semi-wooden benches for visitors to hang out. The area is connected to the semi-outdoor area with a lot of vines to make the atmosphere cool and comfortable. 

Not far from the aviary, are theater benches, the favorite place for visitors to take selfies. From the theater, visitors can climb the stairs to the second floor which is divided into indoor and outdoor areas. 

In the outdoor setting, there is a bridge containing a hanging table on one side facing the bottom. The bridge leads to an indoor area that you can also reach through the stairs indoor. On the other side, there is a semi wooden table and chairs, with the green atmosphere of the vines. Visitors who sit here will be able to enjoy the green atmosphere of the cafe from above. 

Meanwhile, on the first floor, there is a semi-outdoor area called the backyard – a garden covered with a glass roof, to protect visitors from inclement weather. 

Citra said that currently the cafes can accommodate 100 to 150 visitors; the indoor area alone can accommodate 55 visitors; the capacity can increase once the pandemic is over. 

Featured Menu. To present the best for visitors, Dadi’s Coffee Garden has conducted four soft launches. Dadi’s Coffee Garden provides several excellent menus, including Asian food, western food, coffee, and non-coffee, as well as mocktails. 

Besides a variety of rice bowls such as Black Pepper Beef Ricebowl, Chili Ijo Beef Tongue Ricebowl, Sambal Matah Chicken Ricebowl, and Chicken Salted Egg Ricebowl, Dadi’s Coffee Garden signature dishes include pasta such as Spaghetti Bolognaise, and regular Spaghetti. 

Meanwhile, the favorite menus are Bou Bun with Blackpepper, Spaghetti, and Oxtail Soup. Other menus at Dadi’s Coffee Garden such as Udon Tek-tek, Oxtail Fried Rice, Pizza Margarita, Pepperoni Pizza, Double Cheese Pizza, Nachos, Chicken Quesadilla, Asinan Betawi, Chicken Wings Barbeque and Chicken Wings Honey Mustard. Dadi’s Coffee Garden also provides pastries such as Bomboloni, Croffle, soft cookies, brownies, and others. 

The featured drinks menu includes manual brew, Dadi’s Signature Latte, Tokyo Banana Latte, and Mocktails such as Deep Ocean and Reggae Fusion. One visitor favorite is the Palm Sugar Coffee. 

“We do not specify that we are coffee-oriented: this cafe is for families, including children; they can choose their preferred menu, both Asian food, western food, and others that we provide,” said Citra. 

One thing that distinguishes Dadi’s Coffee Garden from other cafes in the coffee talk program. In this program, baristas will share knowledge 

The cafe has a semi-industrial minimalist concept 

about coffee customer ordered and its processed at the customer’s table. Despite just having opened earlier this year, the transactions can reach 200 to 300 per day on weekdays, while it can reach 500 transactions on weekends. Most of the visitors are schoolers, young mothers, and young families.

Visitors can make reservations for weekdays only, due to the normally full cafes on the weekend. In the future, Dadi’s Coffee Garden will also provide a place for events such as weddings or gatherings. 

Dadi’s Coffee Garden has WiFi and live music facilities, as well as other facilities, such as a prayer room and a large parking area. In the month of Ramadan, Dadi’s Coffee Garden was open from 10.00 to 22.00 WIB. (Kartika Indah)