Wednesday, July 24, 2024 | 19:23 WIB

Cyber expert doubts Luhut’s big data justification for elections postponement


Luhut BP - Jokowi
President Jokowi with Coordinating Maritime Affairs and Investment Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan. (Source: BPMI Setpres)

It would be different if the 110 million data was taken from conversations in Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, with larger users base. The number of Facebook users in Indonesia alone are more than 130 million, Instagram has almost 100 million users, not to mention TikTok whose users are growing rapidly in Indonesia.

“But not all of them talk about postponing the election, many simply don’t care,” said Pratama.

For this reason, the source of the data must be clear. In fact, according to him, gathering the data through a survey is very difficult, even impossible, because it must be age appropriate and to reach 110 million users is a massive undertaking.

“Especially after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook itself has set self-imposed restrictions not to share data with third parties easily,” concluded Pratama. (rr)


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