Current count: 34 Coronavirus patients in Indonesia, 1 death

The Government announces that more people have tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Wednesday (11/3/2020). (Photo: Rayi Gigih/IO)

IO, Jakarta – The Government has announced that more people have tested positive for Coronavirus (Covid-19) on Wednesday (11/3/2020). “Today we have an additional seven patients,” said the Government Spokesman for Coronavirus Mitigation, Achmad Yurianto, at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, on Wednesday (11/3/2020). Therefore, at the time we are going to press, there are 34 cases of positive Covid-19 infection, with 31 patients out of the 34 cases still being treated in the hospital.

The latest Corona patients are: Patient 28: Male, 37 years old, light to medium illness, imported case (infected abroad). Patient 29: Male, 51 years otrouble breathing, imported case. Patient 30: Male, 84 years old, medium illness, imported case. Patient 31: Female, 48 years old, light to medium illness, imported case. Patient 32: Male, 45 years old, light to medium illness, imported case. Patient 33: Male, 29 years old, light to medium illness, imported case. Patient 34: Male, 42 years old, light to medium illness, imported case.

Earlier, 27 people were declared positive for Coronavirus infection by yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 10 March 2020. However, two patients, i.e. Patient 06 and Patient 14 were declared to be cured, while Patient 25 died. Patient 25 was a 53-year-old foreign citizen. Achmad Yurianto confirmed her death in his Statement at the Presidential Palace. “This patient did come in a badly ill condition,” he said. “Patient 25 died due to complicready suffered before Corona finished her: Hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and a lung disease.”

The dead woman came with her husband to Bali on 29 February 2020. They were almost immediately hospitalized in the Isolation Ward of Sanglah Regional General Hospital, Bali, after they tested positive for Corona. After a brief but brave fight, Corona Patient 25 died yesterday. Her remains were immediately cremated in Mumbul Crematorium, Jimbaran, Bali, while her husband is still undergoing treatment in Sanglah Hospital’s Isolation Ward.

Meanwhile, the Health Office of Bali Province is isolating and monitoring the 21 persons suspected of direct or close contact with the foreign corona positive couple, or the late Patient 25 and her husband. These 21 under observation have given their specimens for checking in the Health R & D Center in Jakarta. These observed patients include the receptionist of the hotel where Patient 25 and her husband stayed, as well as the hospital staff who received them initially. The sites that they have visited, including the hotel, have been cleaned with disinfectants. 

Yurianto requests that the people not panic, as the Government is continuing contact tracing of patients as a measure to keep the virus from spreading. “Tracing becomes important because most of the infections occurred due to immediate or close contact,” he said.

The Government is still strictly monitoring entry gates, from airports to seaports. All passengers coming through these gates must have their temperature checked. The next step lies with the people: Everyone who suffers from coughs and colds should use medical masks and wash their hands frequently. The Government is also educating the people about healthy lifestyles. (Des)