Cultural market, the other side of Sangiran primordial site

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO – Involving the local community in community empowerment activities is an important essence, stimulating development from the bottom up, interpreted in the context of the community’s position. The community is not the object of beneficiaries who depend on gifts from outside parties such as the government, but as subjects who act independently. 

A strong cultural identity for the community around its cultural heritage area is needed to build cultural resilience. Efforts to promote culture following the mandate of Law No.5 of 2017 concerning Cultural Advancement are carried out so the flow of cross-cultural information and communication does not harm the integrity of the local cultural values of the community around the site. An empowered and independent society needs to be realized so that people can carry out their important role under the mandate of Law No. 11 of 2010 concerning Cultural Heritage as an important agent for preserving cultural heritage. 

Cultural Market Activity: 

The Other Side of Sangiran Primordial Site, invites people to identify their cultural potential, package and promote it in cultural market activities. Local communities are actively involved, from planning to implementation, through the process of identifying problems, needs and solving problems, mapping cultural potentials through formulation, packaging, documentation, and publication. Cultural Market activities consist of three stages of implementation: 

* Identification of cultural potential 

Identification of cultural potential was carried out on August 26 – September 16 2020 in collaboration with the Village Ecotics Institute to assist the community in identifying their cultural potential or heritage. 

* Packaging cultural potential 

Assistance in packaging cultural potential was carried out at the end of October 2020, mapping, planning, and implementing cultural markets as a forum for the promotion of their cultural potential. * Implementation of cultural markets. 

Cultural markets are held in five Sangiran Museum Development Cluster Villages, namely Krikilan, Ngebung, B size, Manyarejo, Sragen and Dayu villages, Karanganyar district, on the second week of November 2020, and will be broadcast on budayasaya YouTube channel on December 1, 2020. 

The implementation of the Cultural Market raises different themes according to the perceived cultural potential: 

• Krikilan Village: Sangir Cultural Market “Sangiran Mantu” 

• Manyarejo Village: Manyarejo Village Cultural Market “Napak Tilas Krajan Hamlet” 

• Ngebung Village: Njajah Deso Milangkori Ngebung Ngangeni 

• Bukur Village: Bukur Emas Cultural Market, Bukur Village 

• Dayu: Ngangsu Cultural Market, Dayu Village. 

Village branding in the implementation of cultural markets fosters a sense of community pride in their village and brings out its unique cultural identity. This cultural market in 2020 is a stage of strengthening identity, based on cultural characteristics, as well as a trigger for the community to be more productive in publishing cultural potential. 

The implication of cultural markets will lead to regional socio- cultural resilience in the form of preservation of local culture and customs, encouraging communities to sustainably explore and maintain their customary and cultural values, creating a sense of pride in, strengthening and maintaining social kinship values through mutual cooperation. 

The Cultural Market Activity: 

The Other Side of Sangiran Primordial Site in 2020 is carried out by maximizing online promotion, complying with health protocols and restrictions on visitors in offline implementation. 

“As an effort to develop and utilize culture, the Directorate of Cultural Development and Utilization supports and facilitates Cultural Market Activity: The Other Side of Sangiran Primordial Site to create a village that is healthy, empowered and independent. Hopefully, this cultural market will become the embryo of our independence and can continue to be held in coming years. Cultural Market Activity: The Other Side of Sangiran Primordial Site can be enjoyed via budayasaya You- Tube channel on December 1, 2020,” added Dr. Restu Gunawan, M.Hum Director of Development and Utilization of Culture, Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia 

Also, the cultural market is expected to be a source of literacy concerning the cultural potential of Krikilan, Manyarejo, Ngebung, Bukur, and Dayu Villages, which are useful for capital in realizing independence with a strong cultural identity, as well as being a window to see the cultural richness of these villages by related parties.