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Culinary flavors of the Archipelago in the middle of a heritage atmosphere


IO, Jakarta – What comes to your mind when you hear the word “heritage”? Vintage, unique, antique, or horror? For some people heritage has an exceptional artistic value. Similarly, sisters Merie Mangawing and Fatimah Mangawing, owner of Restaurant Ala Ritus.

This restaurant is located in Philately Building, Pasar Baru, Central Jakarta which has become one of the contemporary dining options for millennial children who want to taste the typical cuisine of the archipelago. At first glance this restaurant is not too extensive. Typical atmosphere of the colonial period which is felt when you see a building that’s stood since 1912.

With the Art Deco architectural style combined flow of Art & Craft in the interiors, making it Ala Ritus as an instagrammable restaurant. “There are plenty Instagrammable Restaurants, but nothing like this type of heritage. In addition this Ala Ritus restaurant is here to revive the culinary of Indonesia with all its distinctive features from all aspects. With all the innovations we create, we expect people to open their eyes and no longer see Indonesian cuisine with only one eye, “said Merie Mangawing, restaurant owner ala Ritus during the opening of Ala ritus in Philately Building, Jakarta, Friday, May 11, 2018 last.

Right upon entering the ala Ritus, you are immediately greeted by the scent of the archipelago’s coffee, arrayed with wall paintings as the background of the resto in front. Green corner that serves as a smoking area which also catches your attention as it has a vertical garden.

Restaurant with a homey atmosphere creates a comfortable atmosphere to get together and enjoy a meal. The plating of the dishes can be witnessed live upon ordering which makes visitors want to stay longer for hours. “In this restaurant, visitors can relax while hunting instagrammable cool spots for taking selfies. There are some cool spots here, such as mailboxes, murals, garden, fish market painting, and others, “said Fatimah.

Ala Ritus restaurant has a ceremonial significance and is orderly. The term in religious, cultural or religious ordinance specified. The mention of “ala” is “style or the way / model”. “Ritus” is taken from the word “ritual”. So, if you want to dine under ancient buildings which is already centuries old, visit ala Ritus.

According to her, ala Ritus has a mission to make this restaurant as a destination for culinary food typical of Indonesia. In order for the Indonesian culinary popular from Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Palembang, and other major cities.

Visitors who come here can enjoy a variety of menu from the archipelago with beautiful plating. Edible flower ornament in any menu will strengthen the impression of a ritual. This beautiful flower will be complementary. ” All the flowers can be eaten,” said Merie.

Ala Ritus provides 44 menus of food served to the visitors. Some mainstay menus that can be tasted by visitors are lobster pesmol, tongseng ribs, grilled ginger cream, banana heart, durian flowers stir fry, and other archipelago cuisines. All dishes use a special seasoning that is processed by experienced chef. (Paramitha Hendra)


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