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Cries of “President Prabowo” echo on May Day 2019

IO – Thousands of workers flooded the Tennis Indoor Senayan area in South Jakarta on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. The workers wore uniforms representing their unions in the 3,954 single seat capacity venue, which was filled to the brim. Not only on the podium, but thousands of workers also sat on the center area of the podium which had a stage with LED displays.

The overflow of workers, which was estimated to reach 100 thousand people, most could only watch Prabowo Subianto’s National Speech from outside through a jumbo-sized LED display. The 2019 International Workers’ Day commemoration which carried the theme of worker prosperity and an honest and peaceful democracy was attended by workers from Jabodetabek, Purwakarta, Karang, Cilegon, Subang, Bandung to Cirebon.

The mass of workers who had been patiently awaiting Prabowo-Subianto since morning screamed hysterically when they saw Prabowo arrive at the venue. “President Prabowo” echoed throughout the area. Prabowo looked gallant wearing a safari uniform with a black peci. Prabowo delivered three rhymes which were received with boisterous laughter and enthusiastic applause by the workers both inside and outside the venue. After delivering the rhymes, Prabowo danced as he did during the presidential debate.

Prabowo Subianto wished a happy International Workers’ Day to all the workers in Indonesia. “I, Prabowo Subianto speaking for myself and all those fighting for Indonesia’s justice and prosperously, I wish a happy International Worker’s Day to all the workers in all of Indonesia,” said Prabowo.

Prabowo stated that the workers, fishers, to farmers created products for Indonesia. The workers also worked hard to support their families. As a result, Prabowo said that the workers deserved to be called the backbone of the republic. “Brothers/sisters workers, you are the backbone of our national economy, brother/sister workers together with farmers, fishers, are those who create products for the nation and Indonesian people,” he said.

Other than Prabowo, House of Representatives (DPR) Deputy Chairman Fadli Zon and former Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Rizal Ramli also attended the event. (D. Ramdani)

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