Council Committee formed before Presidential inauguration

The Speaker of the House ( DPR), Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) politician Puan Maharani is accompanied by Azis Syamsuddin, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, Rachmat Gobel, and Muhaimin Iskandar in Nusantara I Building, Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, Jakarta. (photo: Doc. DPR)

IO, Jakarta – After her appointment as the Speaker of the House ( DPR), Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) politician Puan Maharani jumpstarted the coordination and held meetings with a number of House members. One of these sessions concerned consultation in lieu of a Deliberative Body (Badan Musyawarah – “Bamus”) meeting discussing the Organs of the House (Alat Kelengkapan Dewan – “AKD”) and the formation of the DPR. Puan reiterated that all parties will have their due portions. “Leadership is divided into Speaker and Deputy Speakers, according to the proportion of seats obtained during the Elections, as stipulated in the MD3 or Parliamentary Law. However, I hope that we can execute the entire process with deliberation towards a consensus,” she said in the meeting she chaired, accompanied by Azis Syamsuddin, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad and Rachmat Gobel in Nusantara I Building, Parliamentary Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, on Monday (07/10/2019). 

The organization of AKD will be preceded by a DPR leadership meeting, followed by a consultation with faction leaders. “The consultation meeting with the Faction leaders is related to the determination of AKD: how many commissions will be created, how many members in each, how many leaders and members of each commission and which faction they come from,” she said. 

The meeting has stipulated the creation of 11 commissions. Issues relating to Inter-Parliamentary Cooperative Bodies (Badan Kerja Sama Antar-Parlemen – “BKSAP”) and the State Finance Accountability Body (Badan Akuntabilitas Keuangan Negara – “BAKN”) are agreed upon. “However, I give the opportunity to perform deliberations for consensus and to allow the Factions to lobby on some issues. Basically, there is to be no brouhaha, everything will be consulted and re-synergized,” she said. 

Puan hopes that AKD leadership can be validated as quickly as possible in the Plenary Meeting. She sets the target for the appointment to be safely performed before the inauguration of the President and Vice President on 20 October 2019. “The validation is to be performed quickly as possible in the next Plenary Meeting. If we can do it this week, then it’s this week. If we can’t do it this week, we still have next week. The target is before the presidential inauguration on the 20th,” she said. 

DPR’s AKD is comprised of Commission Heads and Heads of Bodies. There is a total of 11 commission leaders, comprising of one Chairman and three Vice Chairmen, the BAKN, the BKSAP, the Budgeting Body (Badan Anggaran – “Banggar”), the Internal Affairs Body (Badan Urusan Rumah Tangga – “BURT”), the Legislative Body (Badan Legislasi – “Baleg”), and the House Council of Honor (Mahkamah Kehormatan Dewan – “MKD”). 

Unlike in the previous term, because Commission and AKD Leadership for this term is distributed according to the number of seats obtained by each party, the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerakan Indonesia Raya – “Gerindra”) will have 2 Commission Chairmen seats and 9 Vice Commission Chairman seats and AKD seats. “This is obvious with the composition of the number of votes won during the election. When the results were announced, we could already calculate that Gerindra would get two chairmanship seats and nine vice chairmanship seats, for example,” said Deputy Speaker of DPR from Gerindra Faction, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, at the Senayan Parliamentary Complex, Jakarta. 

Dasco stated that which Commissions and AKDs will be led by Gerindra is still being discussed by all Factions. However, he can say for sure that the Sainte Lague method will be used to determine the composition. He stated that the mechanism for selecting leadership and membership of each Commission and AKD is already in place, and that if any Faction does not get the Commission or AKD that they want, that’s just part of the risk. “That depends on the draw, doesn’t it, that’s the risk everyone must face. Unless later on, Party leaders, Factions, make the agreement to exchange, please do. We are giving the Faction leaders the chance to lobby their interest,” he said. 

Similar to Gerindra, PDIP Faction Secretary Bambang Wuryanto stated that Faction leaders are currently lobbying for leadership positions in the AKDs. PDIP itself is expected to get 4 chairmanships and 14 vice chairmanships of DPR’s AKD. “We will get four chairman seats if the distribution is proportional; it’s easy and there is no need for quarrels. PDIP is getting both chairmanships and vice chairmanships,” Bambang stated at the Parliamentary Complex. 

Bambang further stated that PDIP is seeking Commissions that can affect the party’s electability, such as Commissions IV (agriculture, plantations, maritime affairs, fisheries and food), VIII (religion, social affairs, the empowerment of women), and X (education, youth affairs, sports, tourism, art and culture). After all, these three Commissions are supporting the most important of President Joko Widodo’s programs. “Commissions X, IV, and VIII are highlighted precisely because they regulate essential issues that affect electability. This makes them suitable for the interests of PDIP in the upcoming 2024 Elections – isn’t that so,” he said. 

On the other side of the scale, the United Development Party (Partai Persatuan Pembangunan PPP) as a small party in the Parliament is being realistic about their proportion, and it has no specific target. “In this case, everyone wants prestigious placement, but let us be realistic. We still hope to become part of AKD leadership, and if we get lucky, a chairmanship,” said PPP’s Central Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat – “DPP”) Vice Secretary General Achmad Baidowi at the Parliamentary Complex. He simply will feel grateful if the determination of Commission and AKD leadership uses accommodative politics. “Accommodative politics is important, I think, in order to make sure that DPR remains in harmony,” he said. 

Meanwhile, concerning the division of the primary duties and functions (tugas pokok dan fungsi – “tupoksi”) as the responsibility of all DPR RI Leadership in 2019-2024, Puan Maharani stated that she has made joint decisions with other DPR RI leaders. “For example, the position of Coordinator of Politics and Security (Koordinator Bidang Politik dan Keamanan – “Korpolkam”) will be held by DPR RI Deputy Speaker Azis Syamsuddin (Functional Group (Golongan Karya – “Golkar”) Faction), the Economics and Finance Coordinator (Koordinator Bidang Ekonomi dan Keuangan – “Korekku”) position will be held by DPR RI Deputy Speaker Sufmi Dasco Ahmad (Gerindra Faction), Rachmat Gobel (National Democrat (“Nasdem”) Faction) as the Industry and Development Coordinator (Koordinator Bidang Industri dan Pembangunan – “Korinbang”) DPR RI Deputy Speaker, and Muhaimin Iskandar (National Awakening Party (Partai Kebangkitan Bangsa – “PKB”) Faction) as the People’s Welfare Coordinator (Koordinator Bidang Kesejahteraan Rakyat – “Korkesra”) DPR RI Deputy Speaker,” Puan said. 

She further stated that she hopes each DPR RI leader can perform their tupoksi jointly and properly. In the future, Puan and the other DPR leaders will do their best to fight better for the people’s aspirations. “I have distributed the agreed tupoksi to other DPR leaders. Insya Allah, as Allah wills it, we will do everything together. We will jointly fight for the people’s aspirations, as there is a lot of homework for us to do,” she said. (Dan)