Cop murder reenactment unveils new fact

Reenactment of Brigadier J’s murder at Ferdy Sambo’s residence. (IO/Dumaz Artadi)

Jakarta, IO – The Indonesian National Police officially released an animated video of the killing of Brigadier Yoshua Hutabarat (Brigadier J) at the house of former police internal affairs chief Ferdy Sambo on Duren Tiga St., South Jakarta. The 2.5-minute video describes every detail of the incident.

It also revealed a number of new facts. One of them is what Ferdy Sambo said before shooting Brigadier J, reported CNN Indonesia on Wednesday (31/8).

Based on the video, Sambo appeared to vent his anger at Brigadier J before the shooting took place. The incident began when the four suspects — Ferdy Sambo, Second Patrolman Richard Eliezer, Chief Brigadier Ricky Rizal, and Kuat Ma’ruf — gathered inside the official residence near the dining table.

Ferdy Sambo then ordered Brigadier J to enter the house. At that moment, Sambo is known to have said: “How come you have the heart to do this to me. You are so insolent.”

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Shortly thereafter, Sambo ordered Richard to shoot Brigadier J, which he did three to four times. Sambo also shot at Brigadier J after the victim fell to the floor. It didn’t stop there, Sambo also fired at the wall beside the staircase and cupboards to make the incident look like a gunfight and mislead the investigators. (un)