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Content in cannabis proven to alleviate a number of diseases


Illustration. Cannabis leaf.

According to Liputan6, some of the contents in marijuana are said to effective in treating health problems, which include:

  1. Insomnia

The National Academies said the benefits of marijuana for insomniacs were moderate. In a study conducted in Colorado, about 86 percent of participants said marijuana can help induce sleep.

  1. Depression

A study conducted by Washington State University in 2018 found that therapy conducted on 3,151 medical marijuana users said their condition improved after the therapy. The study revealed that having the right dose is key.

  1. Chronic Pain

In clinical trials on people with nerve pain due to spinal cord injury, HIV, cancer, chemotherapy, muscle and joint problems, it has been shown that marijuana can reduce pain. According to a 2017 report by NASEM, marijuana can reduce pain by up to 40 percent. (un)


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