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Contemporary art ‘Dua Kutub’ brings the energy of peace and compassion


IO, Jakarta – Talking about contemporary art painting in the modern era as now is not a new thing anymore in the world of art. Recently, two artists, Masdibyo and Gigih Wiyono, held an art exhibition entitled ‘Dua Kutub’ located in Galeri Nasional Indonesia. The event starts from January 10 to January 21, 2018. Kutub (poles) have a literal meaning as the end of the axis or the axis of the earth, the tip of the magnetic rod that has tensile (magnetic) properties.

The Dua Kutub (Two Poles) are thought to depart from two artistic forces (painters) who have different characters, Masdibyo who was born on the southern coast of Pacitan and grew up on the north coast of Tuban, which is close to the culture of fishermen, while Gigih Wiyono was born in the interior of Central Java, South part Sukoharjo exactly, which grows and thicks with the world of agriculture. The traditions and environments of both artists influence in the process of creation and their work.

“The Dua Kutub are present to carry the message of the power of love and we are trying to bring a spirit that brings the energy of peace and compassion. It is bout fellow human beings with nature and people with God, “said Gigih when met at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

In the various paintings contained in the event entitled ‘Two Poles’, Gigih explain the contents of the paintings that exist in the exhibition is questioning the events that exist in the community, especially the destruction of the environment and the natural surroundings.

“The destruction of the nation’s child mentality with the many cases of corruption, nepotism also causes the destruction of nature that destroys the forest habitat causing natural disasters everywhere,” said Gigih.

The paintings of Gigih’s work, in the Dua Kutub exhibition, discuss about the blessings of life, motherhood and the symbols of life. At least there are 23 paintings which he is exhibiting in this art event. In addition to painting, Gigih is also showcasing the work of nine statues of his work in the exhibition.

Meanwhile, Masdibyo is also showcasing his work relating to the tradition of society, by presenting 30 paintings. Some paintings take the title of Berdoa di Tengah Teror Jakarta (Praying in the Terror of Central Jakarta), the bombing case that happened Sarinah some time ago.

The uniqueness of the works they create is very different and worthy of being studied conceptually as well as visually. Differences in the background of the study and the creation process make the Dua Kutub have important meaning to be presented in the exhibition together to reveal the spirit they lift in the work.

“Our presence stems from the power of the heart that wants to sow the seed of love in the hope of becoming a collective consciousness of society in viewing the heterogeneous side of life. Starting the existence of human civilization on earth, art and culture have proven to unite various perceptions, so the difference is a grace to be grateful with mutual respect. So we agree to present together with the strength and creativity of the different, but each other to spread positive energy, “said the artists explaining the purpose of their art exhibition.

The essence of this ‘Dua Kutub’ exhibition is the unification of creative results of two national artists with different backgrounds, both socio-cultural and creative explorations. Their hope in this exhibition is to be an appreciative tool for art lovers, and to be an artistic illumination oasis amid the noisy life that tends to materialistic pragmatism.

There is only one red thread why these two artists produce the art exhibition which was held in the National Gallery of Indonesia, that is the criticism of social and political issues that occurred in Indonesia. His anxiety about all the problems that occurred in Indonesia made both artists create some of the paintings on display. For example, the painting ‘Masdibyo Aku Kapok !! (Menangkap Koruptor), the Corruptors’ painting series was dumped into the Sea of ​​the Deep Sea Fish’ which contains images of KPK detainees wearing orange vests bitten by fish, the series’ Malima ‘, and others.

Tubagus Andre Sukmana, as the Head of the National Gallery of Indonesia also conveyed his enthusiasm in the exhibition ‘Dua Kutub’. Andre sees that the ‘Two Poles’ of different flavors into a single visualization is something that is interesting to see by audiences.

Not only mutually reinforcing, it is very likely ‘Dua Kutub’ is to create new perspectives and inspiration. “Both artists translate the union, there because of the power of friendship that brings the energy of peace and compassion. The idea is full of socio-cultural values, and also the latest political issues that mainly offend the diversity and unity of the Indonesian nation, “he said.

This is a testament to the critical attitude of both artists, which also implies social concern, as well as their love for the nation and country expressed through visual language. With the current polemic of the nation, these two artists are hoping for a message of peace and human behavior patterns that must be changed, so that nature and social life run in harmony and continuity without any issues that divide Indonesia’s great diversity. (Aldo)


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