Constitutional courts from across the world gather in Bali, here’s on the agenda

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Constitutional courts. (Source:

This was followed by a series of momentum of the presence of MK in the WCCJ Bureau meeting in the Dominican Republic, as well as the support of the Czech Constitutional Court as chair of the European Constitutional Court Association and the Constitutional Court of Kazakhstan as chair of the Asian Constitutional Court Association.

“Finally, in September 2020, MK was officially elected to host the 5th WCCJ Congress in 2022,” added the statement.

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The 5th WCCJ Congress is the highest-level international forum for the constitutional judiciary. As of 2022, 119 countries have become members of the WCCJ. In addition to being a forum for discussion, exchange of ideas, sharing experiences and best practices among WCCJ members, the congress will allow MK to improve the quality of its decisions, as well as an opportunity to further strengthen Indonesia’s position as a democratic legal state based on the rule of law and Pancasila ideology. (rr)