Constitutional Court, do not ignore reports of election fraud

Constitutional Court (MK), a high court that primarily deals with constitutional law. Its main authority is to rule on whether laws that are challenged are in fact unconstitutional, i.e. whether they conflict with constitutionally established rules, rights, and freedoms, among other things. (photo:

IO, Yogyakarta – Muhammadiyah Central Leadership Chairman, Haedar Nashir has asked that ll parties respect KPU’s official recapitulation results of the 2019 general elections. Haedar also asked the constitutional court (MK) not to ignore the reports of election violations.

“And we also hope that the Constitutional Court truly understands those who genuinely object and are delivering those objections carefully, transparently, objectively, professionally, and stands firmly atop justice,” asserted Haedar.

This was expressed by Haedar after meeting with Yogyakarta Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono (HB) X in the Kepatihan Complex, Yogyakarta on Tuesday (21/5/2019).

“(The Constitutional Court), do not ignore reports related to violations, mistakes and fraud in the general election. And we believe that the Constitution Court will carry out its constitutional duty constitutionally and justly,” he continued.

Previously, Haedar stated that if there were parts of the nation that objected to the election results, they could so constitutionally by bringing the election dispute to the Constitutional Court.

He also asked people who wanted to express their aspirations in public space to obey regulations. He hoped that the people who were not satisfied with the election results would not take violent action which would instead harm the nation.

“To the government apparatus who will respond to the developing aspirations, they also must be careful, in accordance to the constitution and must not be repressive. We also appeal, ask everyone to remain calm, mature, and respect the (KPU’s) decision,” he stated.

Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, continued Haedar, also expressed condolences for the deaths of hundreds of Voting Organizing Group (KPPS) personnel as a result of exhaustion in carrying out their duty in the 2019 general elections. He asked that there be evaluations as a result of the deaths.

“And to the election organizers, government and other political powers to truly evaluate the 2019 general election carefully so in the future there are not more victims,” concluded Haedar. (dsy)