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Constant migraines: an indication of serious illness?


Jakarta, IO – “Migraine” is among the most frequent complaints, when headaches are discussed. Clinical data shows that women suffer from it three times more frequently than men do. “If left untreated, migraine can double the risk of incurring a stroke,” warns dr. Norma Mediciani, Sp.S., a nerve specialist in Hermina Hospital Jatinegara, Jakarta, in the “Constant Migraines, An Indication of Serious Illness?” live IG held on Monday (27/02/2023).

What is a “migraine” actually, and how does it differ from other headaches? 

“Migraine is an intense, pulsing headache, usually occurring in only one side of the head. It may be accompanied with nausea, vomiting, and photophobia and/ or phonophobia. That’s when you fear sudden light and/or sound, because they will intensify the pain of your headache. Migraine intensity ranges from medium to heavy, and usually worsens during physical activity. If you continue to work during a migraine attack, your attack will simply worsen,” dr. Norma explained. 

Then, dr. Norma differentiates migraine into “ordinary” migraine without warning signs, and migraine with warning signs. “I usually call such warning signs for the onset of a headache an ‘aura’. These include things such as sudden numbness or weakness across half of your body that lasts for a few minutes only to turn ‘normal’ again quickly; a sudden, blinding glare in your vision, or even sudden loss of sight. Only migraines with ‘aura’ require extra medication, while you can just consume an over-the-counter drug for ordinary migraine, in this case paracetamol.” 


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