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Consistent fleet maintenance and sterilization at Lion Air Group


IO, Batam – Lion Air (JT flight code), Wings Air (IW flight code), and Batik Air (ID flight code), members of Lion Air Group have announced the latest developments regarding its commitment and efforts in prioritizing flight safety, security and comfort factors (safety first) while impeding the spread of 2019 Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19). 

In the Covid-19 pandemic alert condition period, Lion Air Group consistently runs all aircraft maintenance in accordance with both a scheduled and unscheduled maintenance program. The diligent activity is evident in every flight operation, ensuring that aircraft are safe and airworthy for flight and in line to plan preparation ready for flight. 

Lion Air Group prepares all fleets, consisting of Boeing 737-800NG, Boeing 737-900ER, Airbus 320- 200CEO, Airbus 320-200NEO, Airbus 330-300CEO, Airbus 330- 900NEO, ATR 72-500 and ATR 72- 600, all of which will be operated according to needs. 

Lion Air Group is increasing the following work phases: 

1. Aircraft Sterilization 
Provide and spray multipurpose disinfectant liquid according to the applicable procedure. The detail area includes the cockpit, lavatory, galley, luggage compartment, folding tables on chairs, seat backs, head covers, cabin windows and walls, carpets and cargo spaces below the plane cabin. 

2. Aircraft cleaning and supporting equipment 
Increasing aircraft cleaning activities regularly with the method of Aircraft Exterior and Interior Cleaning (AEIC), such as washing and cleaning (wiping) the fuselage. In addition, cleanliness is emphasized in supporting equipment such as push-back vehicles, connecting buses (neoplanes), flight stairs for passengers and cargo, goods and cargo vehicles. 

3. Checking and Maintenance of Aircraft Components 
Comprehensive inspection and maintenance of performance of all aircraft components, namely the engine (engine preservation), auxiliary power units, navigation, communication equipment, inflight entertainment, aircraft facilities and other related hardware. 

Lion Air Group carries out the process of checking the air circulation system in the cabin, including ads HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which is used as an air circulation filter in the aircraft. When carrying out the process, officers have been trained about safety and have carried out medical tests. 

4. Checking standby aircraft 
Special maintenance for aircraft prepared as a backup (standby) in accordance with the provisions of the aircraft manufacturer, known as prolonged inspection. 

Lion Air Group also runs mandatory training programs for technicians, one aspect of which is using electronic-based learning (e-learning), including focusing on safety management system (SMS), the main factor in self-employment (human factors) and strengthening and refresher on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). 

Airplane maintenance is carried out at the Lion Air Group aircraft maintenance center – Batam Aero Technic and at the airport (base station) where the Lion Air Group aircraft are kept. All procedures carried out have followed the safety aspects at all stages to completion. 

For Batam Aero Technic Base Maintenance, for one maintenance it is able to maintain 15 units consisting of wide body aircraft such as Airbus 330, medium or small body aircraft (narrow body aircraft), including Boeing 737, Airbus 320, ATR and Hawker, covering light work to heavy work, including aircraft full body painting, aircraft interior rejuvenation, aircraft component maintenance and others. 

In the intended action, all technicians and the health protocol implementation team promote washing hands, the use of masks, gloves, safety equipment and others as an effort to preventive measures with priority to health. 

Lion Air Group vows to comply with and follows the regulatory policies and Standard Operating Procedures of the company as well as International Provisions. 


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