Commuter Line: Supporting urban mobility at its best

The ambience at the train station. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta – Public transpor­tation in the capital imparts a favourable impression to urban dwellers, particularly the Com­muter Line Electric Railroad (KRL). This public transportation has become the prominent choice of megapolitan citizens in sup­porting their daily activities, as faster trips and cheaper fares are offered. The most crowded routes are Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tan­gerang, and Bekasi.

Inside Commuter Line. (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

When other public transporta­tion mode facing passengers’ de­cline over constantly increasing fuel costs and trip fares, Commut­er Line presents more comfortable atmosphere at a fairly affordable price. Also, Commuter Line is able to carry hundred thousand of passengers a day. This condi­tion is further supported by more organized facilities, as well as clean and sterile areas. Hence, this transportation mode is the best choice in facilitating urban hustles mobility.

Now, almost in every station is free from traders and stalls, al­lowing passengers to feel spacious and more comfortable. Also, pas­senger underpass for switching platforms has been built at each station. More officers are deployed on guards and ready to assist passengers either at the station or inside the carriages. For those reasons, now it’s time to switch to the cheap and convenient public transportation. (Yoga Agusta)