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Commemorating the duo maestro in archives exhibition “Tribute to Urban Masters”



An attempt to capture the youth’s attention

Even though Sapardi passed away in 2020, and Gion two years later, it is believed that their works will be timeless.

Indah said, apart from being a tribute, this exhibition was also held to attract the attention of young people. She said it would be a shame if the extraordinary works of the two maestros are not popular among members of the public. Sapardi and Gion apparently also have a strong interest in social issues.

This is reflected in some of the works they produced. For example, Sapardi’s poem compilation entitled “Dongeng Marsinah” (The Tale of Marsinah) is combined with Gion’s graphic work entitled “Marsinah,” or Sapardi’s poem “Dalang” (The Puppeteer) is paired with Wagiono’s painting “Ramayana.” Marsinah is a labor activist who was killed during the rule of the New Order government on May 8, 1993.

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Indah said she is especially inspired by their humility and passion. Their attitude in preserving the culture needed to be followed by more young people.

“So that the younger generation can understand and appreciate culture better. Culture, said Mr. Sapardi, does not stop, but instead it continues to grow. We hope that the exhibition will inspire the younger generation to have the same enthusiasm in observing the culture around them,” she concluded.

“Tribute to Urban Masters” is open to the public at Taman Ismail Marzuki every day starting at 10.00-20.00 WIB. (un)


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