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Coin kids see earnings rise during exodus season


Jakarta, IO – Coin kids at Gilimanuk Harbor, Jembrana, Bali during the Eid homecoming exodus are making a fortune. They can earn from Rp250,000 up to Rp500,000 a day.

Coin kids refer to children or teenagers who jump from the boat and swim to collect coins tossed by passengers into the sea. They usually gather around ships or ferries that dock at the Port of Gilimanuk, before they cross the Bali Strait.

One of them is Adit, 21, who admitted that he is grateful that his income has tripled during the exodus. However, he said the job is very dangerous.

“During the 2023 exodus season, my income has increased dramatically. Usually, I can only earn Rp80,000 per day. But now it can be up to Rp500,000 per day,” said Adit, reported Detik, Thursday (20/4).

Denis, 13, also said this year’s Eid exodus is much busier than the previous year. In a day he can earn up to Rp250,000. He also intends to buy new clothes, even cellphone, from the money he earn.

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Denis revealed that coin kids here only dare to operate at MB II pier becuase they are constantly monitored by the port officers.

“If the officers see us they would chase us away, but if it’s crowded like during the exodus season this year, it’s usually safe,” he said. (bp)


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