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Coffee paradise for coffee lovers


IO, Jakarta – Behind the congestion and pollution of the capital that still cannot be repaired, I found a way to enjoy the other side of the city of Jakarta. Whatever the story, Jakarta for me is a city that has a fun side as long as we want to explore all the sides in this city. My pleasure is certainly not far from enjoying a glass of coffee. In the Senopati area, South Jakarta there are new coffee shops that you can visit. Otten Coffee is a coffee shop that has just opened on Senopati street no. 77 is truly a special place to visit if you are a fan of coffee drinks. Not only as a coffee shop, Otten Coffee also provides more than 6 thousand items of coffee tools that are sold, it is difficult for me to deny the desire for diverse shopping needs of coffee brewing equipment while there. Initially established, Otten Coffee is an online marketplace that provides various coffee brewers to the superior coffee beans they sell to coffee lovers in the country.

Starting from selling coffee beans when Otten started to stand up, Robin and his partner Jhoni Kusno sold coffee beans from Sumatra for approximately 3 years. But finally the two men agreed to expand their business by selling coffee brewing equipment based on Jl. Kriung, Medan city in 2012 before they marketed it online and finally opened a branch in Jakarta. Otten’s existence certainly makes it easier for coffee lovers in Indonesia who now no longer have to bother to choose brewing equipment according to their needs. According to Robin, their seriousness in pursuing the coffee business began when in 2008 decided to make Otten Coffee House coffee shop, under the banner of PT Otten Coffee Indonesia. In the shop offered various types of coffee drinks that are served hot or cold.

“Initially because we like to drink coffee. I also like collecting coffee makers and barista equipment. Finally, we decided to make a coffee shop, “he said.

When you enter Otten Coffee, you will immediately be served with a very distinctive and delicious coffee aroma to breathe. There are also several chairs available to wait or just discuss the coffee equipment you want to buy. Inside the store there are various kinds of coffee and tools that are displayed on open shelves, as well as various merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, tote bags and so on.

The first shelf that caught my eye was the single origin coffee rack. Here there are various kinds of coffee beans and coffee powders from various regions where they are planted / harvested, starting from within the country such as Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Flores, to foreign countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Congo, Ethiopia, and so on. It’s not complete if I don’t taste the pleasure of a cup of coffee in a place that I think is heaven for all kinds of coffee dishes. Of course the menu I chose was single origin, given the delicious coffee from Indonesia. (Aldo)


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