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Coban Sewu pumps adrenaline


IO – Maybe the name Coban Sewu is still rarely heard, but for travelers in Indonesia, Coban Sewu is not something strange. “Coban” itself is a designation for a “waterfall”, this one is located in Malang Regency, East Java, while “Sewu” has the meaning of “thousand” in Javanese. 

The natural attractions in the Pujon area offer charming natural beauty and keep this place always in demand to be re-visited. The Coban Sewu trail is perfect for travelers who like adrenaline-driven adventure tours. 

Some locations here are quite difficult to traverse and require certain techniques. You will pass several streams of water and rocks on a towering cliff along a dangerously slippery path. 

However your sacrifice will not be in vain, because after arriving at the location, you will be presented with a beautiful and peaceful view, punctuated by the sound of the rumbling water. 

You will feel how cool the nuances of nature are from the top and bottom of the waterfall. It’s not too much if the scenery here is compared to Niagara Falls, presented perfectly for nature lovers. 

If you enjoy it from the bottom, you can feel the stream gliding by exotically in front of your eyes. Splashes of water from Coban Sewu keep the surroundings wet, so it glistens in camera shots. The background of the waterfall will make your photos more epic. 

Its hidden location – which is dangerous to visit – makes a robust challenge of arriving at this location. Nevertheless, it is a special attraction for those of you who have an adventurous spirit. As for the route, the starting point from Lumajang City requires you to first visit Goa Tetes, taking a bus or private vehicle to make it easier. 

From the entrance point of Goa Tetes, the journey continues by trekking to Coban Sewu. Be careful when trekking, prepare yourself, as much as possible be accompanied by experts because the path, guaranteed to be dangerous and slippery, will be a challenge for you. (Pramitha Hendra)


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