Classic rooftop restaurant at Canting Restaurant

Canting indoor. (photo: IO/Raihan)

IO – High-rise buildings are scattered all over Indonesia, especially in the capital city of Jakarta. Buildings such as hotels or other commer­cial buildings have become a daily sight in the heart of several cities in Indonesia apart from Jakarta. However, it turns out that behind these tall building, some buildings have an ‘oasis’ area on the top floor or we usually call it a rooftop area. While gazing at the sky with attrac­tive decorations in the roof area of the building, it is certainly an inter­esting solo experience, or even with a partner. Yogyakarta too, has it’s eye catching rooftop area, such as Canting Restaurant.

Canting Restaurant is one of the romantic restaurants in Jogja which is on the rooftop appropriate for dinner with a spouse or fami­ly member. A restaurant with an American bistro concept, but with a local style. It was established in October 6, 2014, together with col­laboration of Chef Fernando Sin­du & Ivan Wibowo from Good For Eats. The location is on the rooftop Galeria Mall, Yogyakarta. As you step into the mall, you can use a special elevator to go to the Canting Restaurant on the 4th floor. There is a also staircase to Canting Resto to the left of Matahari Department Store on the 3rd floor for an alter­native route.

When you enter the restaurant, you will find a large room with vin­tage concept, equipped with many minimalist wooden tables & chairs, cozy black sofas, black chandeliers, and photos of the olden days of Jog­ja. This restaurant is divided into three areas, some are full indoor, there is also a terrace area that is still roofed, and there is an outdoor area that is open. But this outdoor area is one of the main attractions of Canting Restaurant. Since this area has the impression of a roof­top restaurant, the ambience can be felt more in Jogja.

Philosophically, canting is the name of a tool for painting ba­tik. The craftsmen use canting to make the best batik with an artistic touch. Canting Restaurant imple­ments this philosophy through all specially made foods. There is one recommended menu that is worth a try, namely Burger Joss. This cu­linary presents a ferocious outward appearance, with the size of a burg­er that is quite large, added with a thick color texture.

In addition, you can also or­der a traditional Indonesian light menu with western combinations such as Tempe Mendoan with dip­ping sauce and melted cheese. In addition to fried rice, petai wagyu meat, there are also letek noodles, which are amongst typical Yogya­karta menus. This letek noodle is served with delicious salmon meat slices. Don’t forget to also try tart apple with sour and savory flavor, one of the desserts recommended at Canting Restaurant. (Raihan)