Classic building with great ambience

Sofia at the Gunawarman features an impressive interior with its unique classical European design. (photo: IO/Aldo)

IO, Jakarta – Spending a weekend in the capital city of Jakarta when Christmas and year end holidays can be enjoyable if you choose to visit locations around South Jakarta as your destination to spend the weekend with family or relatives. As the restaurant that was named the ‘Best Restaurant Editorial Choice Award 2018’, I chose Sofia Gunawarman because of some perfect aspects that you can visit during the long Christmas and New Year holidays with a strategic location in Senopati, precisely Jalan Gunawarman, South Jakarta.

‘Sofia at The Gunawarman’ is a restaurant with a very unique concept: classic European-style building design that is so beautiful that captivates your eyes with the beauty of building architecture. High ceilings and Victorian-style interiors with a touch of gold ornaments and large glass windows will make your meal time feel like an urban in the ‘renaissance’ era.

‘Sofia’, which means ‘little woman’, is a name taken from the Italian language, applied to buildings that look very masculine and look very luxurious and classy. Sofia’s dining area has 3 different areas: lounge, bar and smoking corner, so you can arrange seating options as needed, and be more comfortable enjoying Sofia’s food.

With highly professional service to add special charm to food lovers with European-style sensations, of course the price of each food reflects quality and taste of the food served in this restaurant. If you want to visit Sofia you must make an appointment in advance, to anticipate long queues, because the place is limited. To be able to spend time in Sofia, you must follow the predetermined dress code: You may not wear shorts, and men are welcome to wear shirts, blazers or coats. It was not the wrong style to settle down to spend time enjoying food in Sofia at The Gunawarman.

Featuring an intercontinental food menu, Sofia is rich in choices to pamper your tongue. If you choose to come in the afternoon, you can enjoy lunch with tea as your drinking friend. Afternoon tea is a delicacy offered by Sofia between 14:00 and 18:00. As a restaurant that wants to pamper every guest’s presence, before the Christmas and New Year holidays Sofia at The Gunawarman also provides entertainment programs and menus that offer your choice of visit. If you want to commemorate the New Year’s celebration with Sofia, Sofia presents live music and a DJ’s performance towards the end of the year. Not only that, during the Christmas celebration Sofia also served drinks such as wine, whiskey and other drinks, which you can choose while enjoying the Christmas celebration in Sofia at The Gunawarman.

Sofia at The Gunawarman has several favorite menus, ranging from appetizers, main dishes to desserts. Appetizers such as Beef Carpaccio, Marinara Meatballs, or Chicken Basket can be ordered as a mainstay menu. For main dishes Sofia serves food in the form of Agull burgers, 4 Pizza Formaggi, 200gr “Sher” Wagyu Striploin, Tagliatelle Squid Ink Ink, Braised Lamb Shank, or Iga Bakar. After your food menu is tasted, Sofia also has a dessert that is no less delicious: Apple Crumble Mille Feuille which is a favorite menu in this restaurant, and of course it can be a sweet ending to your food. At a certain time, Sofia also presents a music program. There are various types of music, from jazz, soul, to music lounges, which will entertain every guest present. There are many methods used by Sofia’s management to entertain every guest; management does not hesitate to decorate the interior, according to the current season.

Sofia at The Gunawarman is suitable as a restaurant that you choose to eat with your family or colleagues. A restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that will offer a different experience for you when visiting. (Aldo)