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Claiming to leave for medication, Idrus Marham caught hanging out at a coffee shop without vest or cuffs


IO, Jakarta – So soon after the public’s surprise that convicted former House of Representative (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat – “DPR”) Chairman Setya Novanto was found shopping freely not far from Sukamiskin Correctional Facility, Bandung, where he was supposed to be serving his term, there is the news that convicted former Minister of Social Affairs in Jokowi’s Government Idrus Marham was hanging out at a coffee shop for a full 3 hours.

The announcement was made by the Head Representative of Greater Jakarta’s Ombudsman Teguh P. Nugroho at the Ombudsman Office, Jakarta. He was shocked to discover corruption case convict Idrus Marham was caught by CCTV lounging in a coffee shop in the middle of his medical leave at the Metropolitan Medical Centre (MMC) Hospital on Friday (21/06/2019). “After his health check and Friday prayers, Mr. IM did not immediately return to the Corruption Eradication Commission (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi – “KPK”) Branch Detention Facility. However, he was found to have been hanging out at a coffee shop, from 12.39 WIB to 15.30 WIB,” he said.

Teguh further said that Idrus was suspected to be meeting with his family, relations and legal counsel. An Ombudsman’s confirmation of medical check invoices shows that Idrus has only made a single medical checkup payment for dental check at 12.57 WIB. He did not undergo further medical checkups. The CCTV video captured him freely communicating with his cellphone without handcuffs or KPK’s orange vest. This is a clear case of maladministration in Idrus’ detention. His guard clearly did not watch over the convict strictly and properly.

Relating to the Ombudsman’s findings, KPK Spokesman Febri Diansyah stated that KPK has now reordered the terms of medical treatment leave after they discovered this abuse. KPK guards have all been gathered for disciplinary correction and code of ethics directions. KPK has also dismissed Idrus Marham’s guard, M, for a flagrant violation of the code of ethics. Febri stated that the step was taken in an effort to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring in the future. “Top management has decided that Mr. M, the guard on duty at the time, is to be dishonorably discharged for proven violation of discipline. He admitted to have received Rp 300,000.00 from Idrus’ chauffeur to buy the coffee,” he said.

Meanwhile, Idrus Marham’s legal counsel Samsul Huda regretted the claim made by the Greater Jakarta Ombudsman that his client has been wandering when outside KPK’s detention facilities. “We strongly regret the Ombudsman’s statement, which was based on a hasty conclusion made without cross-checking with KPK. We object to the report that Mr. Idrus was at leisure or wandering around. He really did have a dental treatment. As for when he left and returned, it all depended on the availability of a prison guard and vehicle, as well as adjusting to the dentist’s schedule. Mr. Idrus performed his Friday prayers on the 6th floor of the MMC fully guarded by the KPK. He was not wandering around,” he said. (Dan)


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