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Citarum River Polluted by Hundreds of Tons of Paracetamol and Amoxicillin Annually


Jakarta, IO – Rosetyati Retno Utami, a researcher affiliated with the Land Aquatic Bodies Ecotoxicology Research Team of the National Research and Innovations Agency’s (BRIN) Limnology and Aquatic Resource Research Center, reported that a recent study by the team discovered that the Citarum River Basin is being polluted by 460 tons of paracetamol and 336 tons of amoxicillin every year.

“The primary purpose of our study is to predict how much pharmaceutical waste from human activity enters the basin, pollute the river’s body, and to estimate the final concentration of these pollutants in the water,” Rosetyati said, per BRIN, Wednesday (10/7).

This result is consistent with the high existence and concentration of human activities around Citarum River Basin, especially livestock farming (which uses a large amount of artificial medicines and hormones) and traditional medicine (which uses high amounts of herbs and plants as medicine ingredients, especially ginger and rice). This is worsened by waste from daily household activities.

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In fact, these large amounts of waste are badly processed or even unprocessed before being dumped into the river by local residents. Therefore, Rosetyati reminded residents to be more caring about the environment, and stop negligently dumping unused and expired medication into the environment as it will endanger themselves and others. (bp)


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