Ciletuh Geopark’s natural charm… memories of Jurassic World

Curug Cimarinjung is surrounded by large rocks, cliffs, and greenery, making for a beautiful exotic view similar to that of Jurassic World. (photo: IO/Mahrayuni)

IO – Curug Cimarinjung is a waterfall attracting tourists, located in Ciletuh Geopark, hidden away in Sukabumi. Curug Cimarinjung is located in Kampung Cimarinjung, Ciwaru Village, Ciemas District, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. The waterfall’s name is taken from its location in Cimarinjung. To reach the waterfall in Ciletuh Geopark, you first need to traverse the toll from Jakarta to Sukabumi which takes approximately 3-4 hours. After, you must pass through Sukabumi’s twisting roads for a total of 8-10 hours, depending on the traffic.

The Ciletuh Geopark can be reached via a two or four-wheeled vehicle. Compared to two years ago, access to Ciletuh Geopark is now quite safe. However, there are still a few points where you will find potholes and badly damaged roads. The Cilteuh Geopark is also on the way to the Ratu Port and Ujung Genteng Beach tourist destinations.

In tune with its name, Curug Cimarinjung is located on the Cimarinjung River which is approximately 100 MAMSL. Cimarinjung River is also one of the rivers which ends in Ciletuh Bay in the Indian Ocean. The water in Cimarinjung is brownish as a result of traditional gold panning done upstream. Like its name, Ciemas is the place where various metals such as gold settle and can be obtained through panning. Water volume in Curug Cimarinjung is very heavy in the rainy season but quite low during the dry season.

I and my friends visited Curug Cimarinjung during the dry season; even so, the waterfall wasn’t any less beautiful. Uniquely, Curug Cimarinjung is in the middle of the oldest rocky slopes in Java. In Curug Cimarinjung, many large rocks can be found. The waterfall is also surrounded by cliffs and green trees. The natural beauty and charm of Curug Cimarinjung made me feel as though I was in Jurassic World, filled with prehistoric rocks.

Other than the rocks spread out around the lake and waterfall, when entering Curug Cimarinjung, we had to cross a cliff wall provoking images of a gate bringing you into a new world such as Jurassic World. To enjoy the natural and unique beauty of Curug Cimarinjung, visitors need only pay Rp 3,000 per person. Other costs include Rp 3,000 for motorcycle parking and Rp 5,000 for car parking.

What else is there to wait for? Invite your traveling partner to explore Indonesia’s Jurassic World in Sukabumi. Indonesia is rich with beautiful views of nature; all you have to do to enjoy them is explore! (Mahrayuni)