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Chronology of bank robbery in Lampung, 3 shot


Jakarta, IO – A bank robbery in Lampung took place on Friday (17/3) morning around 9 am WIB.  The robber carried out their actions with firearms. As a result, some of the bank’s employees were shot. Police has arrested the perpetrator, announced Bandar Lampung Police Chief Ino Harianto. He said the robber acted alone. 

The three victims were taken to Budi Medika Hospital for treatment. Their latest conditions are still unknown.

Based on crime scene investigation and witness statements, Ino said the robber carried two firearms which the police has secured as evidence.  

“We confiscated two homemade firearms, a revolver and an air softgun,” he said.

The robbery at Bank Arta Kedaton Makmur on Laksamana Malahayati St., Teluk Betung Selatan, Bandar Lampung happened when the perpetrator came to the bank pretending to be a customer.  Upon entering, he opened fire.

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“He had grabbed the money but was tackled by other employees of the bank,” explained Ino.

A video footage shows that the robber was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He suffered bruises on his face after being beaten by the residents. (rr)


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