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Chinese scientists claim successful cloning of polar wolves


Jakarta, IO – Scientists from the Chinese biotechnology company Sinogene claim to have succeeded in a world’s first cloning a polar wolf named Maya as part of an effort to preserve endangered species in captivity, reported Merdeka on Monday (26/9).

In the process of creating a new genetically identical creature, Maya had to go through a cloning process called somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT). To create and develop a wolf embryo, scientists had to place Maya cells into the worm of a beagle as the surrogate mother for Maya.

Despite the success, the researchers revealed that Maya’s socialization skills remain a major challenge. According to them, cloned animals have difficulty interacting with their own species.

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“Even for cloned domesticated dogs and cats, there is the problem with socialization. The earlier the socialization, the more beneficial it will be for its future development,” said Sinogene deputy general manager Zhao Jianping. (un)


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