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China’s role and obligations in the Russia-Ukraine crisis, as well as the international status quo


Jakarta, IO – Since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine erupted nearly two month now, Russia and Ukraine have held multiple rounds of contacts and negotiations at various levels under international efforts, but regardless of which round of Russia-Ukraine talks it is, the US has a negative attitude toward these talks. Biden travels to Europe, at the time, he publicly stated that Putin should not remain in office and continue to fuel the war. 

The US government and media have repeatedly questioned the Sino-Russian strategic partnership, spreading false information such as “China is taking advantage of it,” “China already knew that a conflict would occur,” “China supports Russia in launching ‘special military operation,’” and so on, in an attempt to mislead public opinion and exploit the chaos. Divide China into an illusory “hostile camp” and tarnish China’s foreign image. China is well aware of the United States’ motivation for the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. China will vehemently reject baseless charges and suspicions, and it will never tolerate coercion or pressure. 

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China believes that expanding sanctions would not assist to alleviate the crisis, but will instead deepen the schism and introduce new challenges to the globe as a result of the disease. On the evening of April 1, when the Chinese President held a video conference with European Council President Michel and European Union President Von der Leyen in Beijing, he proposed continuing to persuade peace and promote talks, preventing a larger humanitarian crisis, and constructing Europe and Asia-Europe. 

China’s attitude is exactly the expectation and decision of the majority of nations throughout the world: they insist on beginning from the right and wrong of the subject itself, and they do not believe in, let alone follow, the conflict’s manufacturer. Only by working together to press for a political solution to the Ukraine problem as soon as possible can Europe and the world achieve peace. 


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