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Chillin time at container coffee shop named Walking Drums


IO, Jakarta – Recently there are many restaurants or cafes that have emerged around Jakarta in the form of shipping containers. It is interesting to see how each of the owners portray their interpretation in assembling it into a place. One of them, is a cafe located on Jalan Pati Unus, South Jakarta. With rows of green trees lined up neatly, Walking Drums is a quiet cafe with a cool atmosphere. Covered with brownish copper-colored metal wall, this cafe has a design that seems to take us to Japan by focusing on the balance between green outdoor space and the main part of the restaurant. The shipping Containers symbolizes a transitory moment, whilst the floor where the restaurant stands gives an eternal feeling. The placement of koi pond in the backyard adds to the Japanese impression that is, harmonious and serenity.

The outside of the cafe is divided into two parts, green front porch and back porch decorated with koi pond. The owner, Cida Gunawan and Aliva Abdullah built it from two containers. This is not the first time they have teamed up in the culinary world. The two have been managing a healthy catering business for Brawijaya Women & Children Hospital since 2012. Recently they expanded their catering to the public, under the name Salt & Pepper.

“This year, the central kitchen that provides Walking Drums and Salt & Pepper dishes is registered to get a halal license from MUI,” Aliva explained.

Most of the container glass windows showcase the coffee machine area and dining tables filled with visitors. On weekend mornings, you can easily see the biking community and the runners relax. Towards the night, the yellow lights in the indoor dining room light up, beautifying the look of Walking Drums.

Carrying a minimalist theme, this place provides comfort for the visitors. Although the concept is a coffee shop, but they don’t just serve coffee. Various types of food are there, ranging from small bites, dessert, appetizer, main course, and western. The food offered here varies greatly, offering a pancontinental menu with varied dishes ranging from serving as spiced chicken wings to Indonesian barbeque or seasoned Singapore or Bao sandwiches with variants such as vietnamese Sandwich stuffed with lemongrass or Korean style chicken with ribbon sauce ribs.

In addition to the food menu, Walking Drum also provides a special drink that is coffee. Good quality coffee that is made by a competent barista. Cappucino, latte and Chocolate Smoothies have become the favorite drinks of the visitors. A great place to relax in the afternoon and hang out with friends. Prices offered in this Café container is also quite  reasonable. Starting from Rp 35,000 for its dessert to main course which starts from Rp 50.000 to Rp 80.000.

Based on their recommendation, the menu I ordered while eating here was Nuttela Pao, accompanied by a cup of Vanilla Latte to complete my afternoon. Not only the cafe, Walking Drum is directly adjacent to sports facilities, tennis courts and basketball courts. If during the weekend you want to do some sports activities there is no harm in visiting a sports field  which is directly adjacent to Walking Drum.

If you want to enjoy desserts, Walking Drums also has desserts such as Strawberry Mint Pannacota, Banofee Pie, Apple Cobbler, to Mixed Berries Almond Crispy Pizza. Certainly suitable to be enjoyed with a variety of coffee available here. (Aldo)


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