Cheerful & creepy scenes around Camp Papandayan

Papandayan 1
The view from the path towards the Camping Grounds. (Pramita Hendra/IO)

Garut, IO – Mount Papandayan, Regency of Garut, West Java. With its not too intimidating height of 2,665 m asl, the mild incline of its paths, and its beautiful view, it is no wonder that even newbie climbers go there for their first camping experience. In fact, many tourists can stay safely and comfortably at Pondok Salada and other camping grounds. 

Pondok Salada is famous for being a broad Javanese edelweiss meadow. It also provides clean water, and many food peddlers are present so that you can experience the joys of camping out without starving. And close by, you can walk to visit the exotic and surreal Hutan Mati or Dead Forest. 

Papandayan 2
The silhouette of a climber walking up a slope. (Pramita Hendra/IO)

Serious climbers pass this eerie forest on their way to Tegal Alun, one of the resting sites at the peak of Papandayan. It is filled with stark grey, blackened, leafless trees standing mutely on ashy white soil. The scent of sulfur and vaguely burnt wood hits your nose the moment you arrive. It’s an impressive scene that many choose to immortalize in photography as they pause there, before the scene gradually turns back to brown and green.